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Furnaces seem to have a bad habit of breaking down when we need them the most. To avoid shivering in your home in the dead of winter, reach out to our dedicated professionals at Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning whenever you think you might have a problem on your hands. That way we can promptly minimize any issues before it wreaks havoc on your heating system. Alternatively, even if your furnace is not currently experiencing visible problems, we can offer dependable maintenance to ensure that it constantly works at peak performance levels.

Contact us now at (405) 615-2676 to learn more about the advantages of getting trustworthy Oklahoma City furnace repair and maintenance.

Signs Your Furnace Requires Repair

Furnaces often show distinct signs that they are on the verge of malfunctioning before they completely break down. It is important to look out for these signals so that you can benefit from the rapid support of our experienced technicians. For example, furnaces that are emitting odd smells or sounds might be having problems due to dust or dirt gathering within the filters or the fans. Burning odors, or clanking, grinding, and rattling sounds, all signal that your furnace could be on the brink of a major failure.

  • Ineffective Heating –
    If you notice that some rooms of your home are warmer then other rooms in your home, it may be that you have a clogged filter or even a faulty motor. Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out why your furnace isn’t heating your home properly.
  • Faulty Thermostat –
    Do you have to keep cranking up your thermostat to try and maintain a warm home? If this is the case, it could be that the temperature sensitive switches in your thermostat are working properly. Give us a call today for expert thermostat help.
  • Increased Utility Bill –
    Have you noticed that your utility bill has been going up month over month/ This could be that something is off with your furnace and it’s in need of repair. If you furnace is having to work twice as hard in order to provide the proper amount of warmth to your home, it means it’s spending twice as much energy to do so.

Fortunately, our team can offer high-quality and professional repairs. If you notice short-cycling, or your furnace is simply not providing enough warm air, reach out as soon as possible. Our factory-trained and highly experienced Oklahoma City furnace repair technicians are masters at servicing heating systems of all makes and models.

Reliable Furnace Maintenance from Our Dedicated Professionals

Proper maintenance of your furnace is the best method of ensuring that you and your family are kept warm and comfortable all seasons round. While it can get cold in the winter, sometimes fall evenings and spring mornings can be quite crisp and chilly as well. If you have reliable maintenance, then you will not have to worry about your furnace equipment breaking down, no matter what time of the year it is.

Benefits of Regular Furnace Maintenance:

  • Lower costs for utility and energy every month –
    With routine furnace maintenance, you furnace will run more more efficiently and use less energy and fuel to do so. This means that your utility bills be lower than a furnace who doesn’t have regular maintenance.
  • An extended lifespan of your furnace –
    With regular maintenance on your furnace, we will make sure that your furnace is running at maximum efficiency. When we find a small problem, we can address it much quicker, before it becomes a big problem. When your furnace is properly maintained, you’ll extend the life of it.
  • More Effective Heating –
    When your furnace is properly maintained, it allows for the furnace to impact your home much more. Cold spots will be gone as well as uneven heating when you make sure to provide regular maintenance to your furnace. By improving the air flow of your furnace, you’re household will be much more comfortable.

Ensuring You & Your Family Stay Comfortable Year Long

Our team of certified and expert techs will thoroughly inspect your unit to identify any minor issue long before it ever progresses into a major problem. The moment we notice a slight malfunctioning error, or a part that needs cleaning, we will provide reliable solutions and ensure everything is back to work properly.

As the best providers of furnace repair and maintenance in Oklahoma City, you can rely on our team at Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning to have the proper tools, equipment, and experience to keep your equipment running smoothly all year long. Whether it’s an older home or new construction, trust our experience of more than 20 years. We offer plenty of affordable deals, including 10% off for seniors (age 65 and up), military personnel, and first responders.

Call us today at (405) 615-2676 or contact us online and our knowledgeable team members can help resolve any of your questions regarding our Oklahoma City furnace repair and maintenance services.

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