How Can I Tell if My Air Ducts Are Leaking?

Don’t you know that leaking ducts are one of the major causes of wasted energy in your home? Here is a sad fact; many homeowners lose a big amount of money annually because of air leakage in the ductwork. And, they do not even know it is happening! So how do you tell if your. [Read more…]

Keeping the Home Dust-Free in Summer

Keeping the Home Dust-Free in Summer

Even in summer, your home is not safe from dust and air contaminants. There are many sources of these unwanted particles, and your HVAC system can be one of them. To prevent dangers from coming in, here are some important things that you can do to make your indoor atmosphere as dust-free as possible. Get. [Read more…]

Benefits of Ultraviolet Lights During A/C Season

Benefits of UltraViolet Lights During AC Season

The season for air conditioning units has arrived. Have you thought of ways to keep your A/C clean and your home safe and healthy? Well, here is a better idea. Try installing ultraviolet lights in your air conditioning system. They are best in keeping your indoor air quality high for better comfort. Additionally, they are. [Read more…]

8 HVAC Fun Facts

8 HVAC Fun Facts

You are lucky to get through the hottest and coolest days of the year without breaking a sweat or getting ice cold. Thanks to your heating and cooling systems for being the savior of your comfort. But, don’t you know that there are still more to your HVAC systems than keeping your convenience? Here are. [Read more…]

Be an Early Bird With Air Conditioner Tune-up

Be An Early Bird With Air Conditioner Tune-up

It is getting warmer each day and before you know it, winter will be just another memory. As another season starts, you will be running your air conditioning system on a daily basis. Just like any homeowner in Moore, OK, you do not want to deal with a faulty A/C in the middle of the. [Read more…]