Zoning: Why It Matters For Commercial Property?

February 19, 2019

Zoning: Why It Matters For Commercial Property?

Zoning: Why It Matters For Commercial Property?
A zoning system is relatively common in residential buildings in OKC. It is used to control the heating and cooling temperature in each designated zone and is typically essential for homes with occupants that have differing indoor comfort needs. Do you know that you can also use this for your commercial building and experience the same benefits? Yes, you read it right! Here’s why commercial zoning matters:
  • Provides Consistent Indoor Temperature
Your building might have sections that are harder to cool or heat than others. With a zoning system, you can maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your space while preventing hot and cold spots.
  • Enhances Customer Service
For any commercial building, it is essential to have a comfortable environment. A zoning system can offer your tenants the option to adjust the temperature to meet their varying comfort demands. With this solution, they do not need to depend on one thermostat to control the overall temperature in the area or settle on the same indoor temperature that does not meet their varying comfort needs.
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
Commercial buildings typically consume a large amount of energy, but there is an effective way to cut it down: a zoning system. It lets you shut off the heating and cooling usage in unused zones of your building. Meanwhile, occupants who only require less amount of heating or cooling comfort can seamlessly reduce the energy consumption through zoning.
  • Lowers Utility Costs
With reduced energy consumption, you can definitely lower your monthly utility costs. It helps you cut the heating and cooling usage in unoccupied zones, so you will not pay for the energy you did not use. Also, the temperature in zoned spaces is controlled so you won’t provide the same level of temperature throughout the building.
  • Extends Lifespan of Your HVAC System
Because a zoning system helps reduce the overall demands on your heating and cooling equipment, you can expect an extended lifespan for it. Reduced strain on your HVAC system means fewer service calls. Need Commercial Zoning System and Installation in OKC? A zoning system in your commercial building is essential if you have multiple tenants with varying comfort requirements. Not only does it improve rental satisfaction, but it also helps you save money on your monthly bills while increasing the longevity of your unit. At Rhino Heating & Air, we have high-quality zoning systems that fit your building. We also offer professional commercial zoning system installation so you can immediately enjoy an enhanced comfort in your space. Call us to get started.