Winter Time Energy Tips

June 13, 2016

Winter Time Energy Tips

Wintertime Energy Saving Tips

Install a programmable thermostat

This is a great way to maximize your efficiency and help keep your power bill low. You will no longer have to manually adjust your thermostat. You will be able to program it, and now you can even control some systems using your smartphone. Most energy sources recommend keeping your thermostat anywhere from 60 to 70 degrees. Of course, this is personal preference. Make sure all leaks are sealed Checking windows and doors is the obvious place to start. However, there can be leaks in both basements and attics. A not so obvious place is your kitchen hood vent! Caulking can be the best way to tackle leaks that you find. Add layers to your wood floors Use rugs and carpets to keep your house warm. They will assist you in trapping in some heat that could otherwise be lost. Plus, they are cozy! Wood floors that are not insulated can lose up to 10 percent of the heat in your house. A simple trick is to close doors At night, close doors while you have your heat running. This will warm up the room for the next day. If you have rooms you don’t use much, you may consider closing up some vents. The warm air will spread faster through the house and can save somemoney on the power bill. Clean your furnace filters Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy use. Consider doing a furnace tune-up. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated and adjusted properly will reduce energy use, saving up to 5 percent of heating costs. Reduce hot water temperature. Adjust your water heater to either the normal setting or 120-degrees Fahrenheit.Doing this can save you around 7 percent of normal water heating costs.

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