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January 8, 2020

Why Your Home Thermostat Isn’t Working?

Why Your Home Thermostat Isn’t Working?
If your thermostat fails, then it means there’s something you need to check or fix. A failing thermostat can affect your comfort, even if your heating system works fine. Plus, it can put your savings in great jeopardy. Read on to know the top reasons why your thermostat fails.

Wrong Location

Your thermostat might think that your home is way too warm when it is placed near heat-generating appliances or devices. This results in poor performance of your thermostat and reduced comfort in your home. Don’t place it near the television, light bulbs, or heater.

Wiring and Screw Problems

Corroded or detached wiring and loose terminal screws can cause your thermostat to fail. This particularly happens if the device is not installed professionally or if it didn’t receive any upkeep for a longer period. Tightening the screws and securing the loose wiring connections can get your device to its proper shape. If you want to check the problem yourself, turn the power off first before opening the cover. Then, remove the batteries. However, it’s still best to bring in the pros to do the troubleshooting.

Old Device

Your thermostat doesn’t last a lifetime. When it’s near the retirement age, its performance will decline. Its internal components become damaged and the electrical connections may become detached. When the device is on its last leg, replace it immediately.

Failing Power Source

Your thermostat will not work completely when its power source encounters problems. A tripped circuit breaker, drained battery, or blown fuse will prevent your device from turning the heating system on. Call a licensed electrician or an HVAC technician to diagnose the problem. Depending on the age of your thermostat, the professionals can help you decide whether to repair or replace it.

Wrong Temperature Setting

You may be wondering why your home doesn’t receive sufficient heat or it’s too hot. Also, your heating costs go high consistently month after month. These issues may have something to do with the wrong temperature setting on your thermostat. Solving this problem is simple. Check your thermostat’s accuracy and set the most comfortable temperature for your home.

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