Why My Energy Bill Increases During the Holidays?

November 20, 2019

Why My Energy Bill Increases During the Holidays?

Why My Energy Bill Increases During the Holidays?
So why does your energy bill increase during the holidays? Many factors can cause an unusual hike on your energy consumption, and it’s important that you know them so you’ll become more conscious about how you consume energy this upcoming holiday. Here are the factors that cause a dramatic increase in your holiday bills:

When You Let Your Lights Stay On Longer

A high energy bill during the holidays has to do with lights that stay on longer. By the time December rolls around, your twinkling Christmas lights are also taking their share of kilowatts. Letting them operate throughout the night can definitely increase your energy bills. Turn them off before you go to sleep to save a huge amount of energy and money during the holiday.

When You Opt Not to Invest in Programmable Thermostat

Many homeowners appreciate how a thermostat helps them curb their energy consumption. The device can help regulate the temperature, whether you are at home or away. Plus, it lets you set your desired temperature at a given time without having to operate it manually, making it a true energy-saver this holiday, especially when you plan to go for a vacation.

When You Cover Your Thermostat

Are you accustomed to hiding your thermostat with Christmas decorations? Then you’re making a big mistake! Covering your thermostat can encourage your energy bills to rise. The device can’t accurately read the temperature in your home when it is hidden. Plus, it makes your system work hard to provide enough heat in your home, causing too much stress to the unit and possibly, a malfunction.

When You Run Your Appliances Nonstop

The holiday can leave you nothing but annoying high utility bills when you let your appliances work the whole time—that’s not so merry at all! When you have visitors, there is a chance for you to double your energy consumption this holiday. The oven, dryer, and washer will work longer. Doing laundry and cooking meals can use extra energy, as well. Expect more showers and hot water.

When Your Furnace Operates Constantly

Your HVAC system consumes almost 50% of your household’s entire utility bill, and this number can go even higher this holiday when your unit runs constantly. Your furnace should run in a cycle, but if it operates continuously, it could be possible that it’s facing serious issues. If you’re positive that your furnace has the same problem, then consult with the experts before it snowballs your bills. A high utility bill during the holiday is not a good story to share with your loved ones. Make your holiday full of happiness by enjoying a well-functioning HVAC and lower energy bills. Contact us at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning for more holiday and HVAC tips.