Why Is My Thermostat Acting Weird?

July 20, 2018

Why Is My Thermostat Acting Weird?

Why Is My Thermostat Acting Weird?
It doesn’t matter if you have an old manually operated thermostat or a programmable one with state-of-the-art features; you know how frustrating it is when your thermostat acts weird. Have you thought about why you are experiencing this problem in the first place? Well, it is time to weigh everything out and find the best fixes for a tricky thermostat. Here are expert explanations and solutions from the professionals at Rhino Heating and Air.
  • Batteries Need Replacement
Many thermostats are battery-operated, and once the batteries run out, the entire thermostat operation will be affected. Before looking into the most complex parts of your system, be sure to check if the batteries need to be replaced. Sometimes it only takes a replacement to fix the situation.
  • Faulty Connections
Loose and worn-out wires can also be the reason why you are experiencing thermostat issues in your home. Faulty connections can cut off the power source to the thermostat and cause an interruption in its normal operation. Be sure to call on professional help if you see loose wires sticking out of the device.
  • Dirt Accumulation
Dust and dirt can also settle in your thermostat and hinder its proper operation. Just like all other devices, thermostats also need regular cleaning to remove dust and dirt buildup that can disrupt the proper setup of the inner components.
  • Location
An important consideration when installing a thermostat is the location. The function of the thermostat is affected when it is placed in the wrong area of the house such as near a window or doorway where the temperature is draftier. It is also not good to install thermostats in areas directly hit by sunlight or near heat-generating devices like televisions. If this happens, your thermostat will think the house is too hot or too cold, thus needs a temperature adjustment.
  • Defective Thermostat Screen
If the thermostat screen will not turn on or is working only part of the time, the performance of your heating and cooling system is compromised. Sometimes it only needs a factory reset to fix the issue. There are times; however, that defective thermostat screen is a sign of a broken thermostat. With this, you will need to replace the device. For quality thermostat services in your Moore, OK home, feel free to call Rhino Heating and Air. We can diagnose and fix your thermostat issues fast and right.