When to Use a Humidifier in Your OKC House?

November 13, 2018

When to Use a Humidifier in Your OKC House?

When to Use a Humidifier in Your OKC House?
Do your hair, skin, and nasal passages get dry in the cold months? Is waking up in the morning with a dry mouth and chapped lips become more frequent? Are you coughing and itching for no reason? If yes, then you are experiencing low humidity level inside your home. What Do the Experts Say? The Environmental Protection Agency states that homeowners should keep their humidity level up to fifty percent. If you want to achieve this percentage, you should install a high-quality humidifier. If possible, the unit should only utilize filtered or purified water to avoid micro-organisms and minerals (that might be contained by unfiltered water). When to Use a Humidifier? In fact, it is easy to tell that you need to install a humidifier when you encounter the signs listed below.
  • Mold Spot
The appearance of mold is the most common and obvious sign that your humidity level is low. If you see little dark spots around your bathroom, ceiling, or shower room, it means you have mold issues.
  • Musty Odor
Mold and mildew might be present in your home if you often smell musty odors. They thrive on moisture that is collected in areas where windows are not properly sealed like your garage and basement. Be sure to check the root cause of moist and use a humidifier to eliminate it.
  • Condensation
Check your glass windows and see if there are beads of water, fog or vapor on them. They exist because of too much moisture or improperly sealed construction materials around your room.
  • Occurrence of Allergies
Excessive moisture in the air may cause many air allergens to grow and spread across your home. Allergy sufferers are more vulnerable to allergens found indoor than the outdoor, which means it is crucial for you to make sure that the air you breathe inside your home is clean and healthy. When these signs have become prevalent, install a humidifier immediately. Even if these signs do not show up yet, it is still best to install the unit to prepare your home from potential hazards brought by low humidity level. High-Quality Humidifiers in Oklahoma City, OK Humidifiers are real lifesavers! If you ignore their importance, dry air can wreak havoc in your body and make that health-related condition even worse before you know it. So whether or not you experience low humidity issues at home, make sure to install a humidifier to combat potential health risks. Call Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning for any of your humidifier unit and installation needs.