When Is The Best Time To Buy An Air Conditioning System? | Rhino HVAC

September 7, 2017

When Is The Best Time To Buy An Air Conditioning System?

When Is The Best Time To Buy An Air Conditioning System?
The best time to shop for an air conditioning unit is during its off seasons. Fall and spring will give you the best deal for these products since the demand is at the lowest points. Although most people think that winter will give them god bargains, there are still better reasons why you should shop during seasons in between. Why not on winter? Winter is also a good time to buy an AC unit. However, HVAC companies are also in demand for heating services and furnace repairs. Homeowners would prefer having their AC done during scheduled furnace repairs with their HVAC contractor. A heating and cooling service package costs lesser than having your AC and furnace done at different schedules. So basically, heating and cooling business is just as in demand as summer during the winter season. Why shop during spring and fall? The fair weather of spring and fall does not bring good news to the heating and cooling industry. Since these seasons call for more outdoor hangouts and enjoyments, people spend more time outside their homes. The beautiful weather also reduces the use of air conditioners or furnaces and it’s like these systems are on vacation time. Many HVAC stores and contractors offer big discounts and great deals just to get their products sold during these periods. Due to low demand, they use strategies to get their stock out such as lowering the prices and providing bonus offers in their services. Here’s why it’s a good idea to shop during these times of the year:
  1. With fewer demand in the market, professionals have more time in helping you choose the air conditioning system that fits your home. Aside from getting them at low costs, you can guarantee that the AC is installed correctly.
  2. Installing AC during fall or spring seasons gives you time to do your research as to what type of unit should you buy. You can even hire professionals to evaluate your home to avoid mistakes in purchasing.
  3. Since you will not be using your unit right away, you are free to install it anytime on an ideal weather. In case there are system errors, you can provide solution ahead of time.
It is not just buying the right AC unit that will give you amazing savings. Buying at the right time can also cut your investment cost. At Rhino, we provide great deals for your heating and cooling needs for all seasons.