What Should You Do For An Uneven Cooling Issue? | Rhino HVAC

August 3, 2018

What Should You Do For An Uneven Cooling Issue?

What Should You Do For An Uneven Cooling Issue?
Uneven cooling happens all the time when summer season strikes and it is truly challenging to keep comfortable inside. So what should be done when there are hot and cold areas in your home? Check these expert tips from the professionals at Rhino heating and Air Conditioning!
  • Redirect the Air
Check the registers and vents for obstructions like dust, dirt, and furniture. These are the top hindrances for proper cooling. But if everything is cleaned and cleared, but there are still hot and cold spots, close some vents partially to redirect the flow of air to the hotter areas. Do not try to close them completely for it can damage your HVAC system.
  • Set the Fan to “ON”
Setting the fan to ON instead of the usual AUTO mode helps in maintaining and circulating the needed cool air in the different parts of your home. With this, the fan will keep on operating even when the desired cooling is obtained, and the cycle is finished. This is a helpful tip for very large areas with great cooling demands.
  • Seal Duct Leaks
What do you expect from a leaky ductwork? Of course, wasted dollars and poor comfort. When your duct is filled with holes and scratches, it allows the cool air to leak out instead of flowing straight to your home. That’s why you feel uneven and insufficient cooling inside. Additionally, this can put great stress on your system, so aside from the money you will be spending on your cooling cost, you might need to spend on system repairs as well.
  • Improve your Home Insulation
Especially in the attic! When there is poor attic insulation, the room upstairs becomes hotter, and no matter how much you run your unit, you still will not get sufficient cooling in your home. With proper insulation, cold air continuously circulates inside. There are different types of insulation, so you better choose the one that matches your home’s design.
  • Zone your Home
Uneven cooling is a common issue for very big houses since the A/C unit finds it hard to meet the cooling demands, especially in the remote areas. So for better comfort, a zoning system can help. Aside from having a comfortable temperature in each zone, you can also manage the setting to control the temperature especially in the parts which are not occupied. This can boost your savings big time! If you need help in fixing the uneven cooling issue in your Moore, OK home, call our experts at Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning today!