What Happens If My Heating System Runs Out Of Oil?

December 6, 2018

What Happens if My Heating System Runs Out of Oil?

What Happens if My Heating System Runs Out of Oil?
Your car’s fuel injector can become damaged if it runs out of gas. Are you afraid that same thing will happen to your boiler at home? Well, let us find out the answer through this post.

Why Does This Happen?

Your boiler can normally run out of oil, especially if it continuously operates during the cold season. But if it runs out of fuel at the least expected time, ask these questions:
  • When was the last time you filled up your tank?
  • Did you change the heating frequency on the timer?
  • Did you increase the temperature on your thermostat?
  • Have you added the operating radiators in your home?
  • Is your boiler working properly?
  • When was the last time you had your boiler serviced?
  • Is your tank safe from fuel thieves in your area?
Some changes you made in your regular home heating operation and routine have impacts on the way the fuel is consumed. Also, your unit can become less efficient if you never schedule a regular maintenance for it.

What Happens When Your Heating System Runs Out Of Oil?

Besides inconvenience in the long cold months, there are other effects homeowners can experience when their heating systems run out of oil. One misconception, however, is that many homeowners in OKC worry that their boilers can become damaged when this happens. In fact, there is nothing to worry about because boilers are equipped with safety mechanisms that when they are empty of fuel, they will just switch off. Although your heating system is safe, it still creates problems in your fuel lines as the collected dirt and deposits at the bottom of the oil tank can be lodged there. Also, this can cause an issue to your air filter. Be sure to call your local technician to know how you can clean the residue and deposits in your combustion chamber.

What Can You Do to Prevent This Problem in the Future?

To avoid running out of heating oil, you can try some simple steps like monitoring the content of oil tank using an electronic tank gauge, getting a tank lock to secure your fuel against fuel thieves in your neighborhood, and talking to your local HVAC contractor for expert advice and recommendations. Here at Rhino Heating & Air, our team can educate you more about your heating system and get it prepared for the coming winter months. Should you have more questions and concerns about your oil home heating, contact our team immediately.