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July 3, 2020

What Causes Airflow Problems In Your OKC Home?

What Causes Airflow Problems In Your OKC Home?

Is your OKC home experiencing uneven indoor temperature? Is the air coming out of your vent weak? Or, the air going into your room feels warm even in cooling mode? If YES, then it could be possible that you have poor airflow from your cooling system.

Understand why airflow problems happen and know what to do to prevent them through this post. Keep reading below!

Clogged Air Filter

When the air filter is clogged, proper airflow is restricted and your air conditioner will work under too much stress. As a result, the system will exert extra effort to meet your home’s cooling demand. Take time to check and replace your air filter regularly to achieve a desirable airflow this summer.

Blocked Vents

Your vent plays a vital role in your home’s comfort as it maintains proper airflow in your home. When it is blocked, your space won’t receive enough cool air. To address the problem, always check your vent as well as the interior of the duct close to the vent for any blockages.

Dirty Condenser Coil

While your air conditioning unit produces cool air, your condenser coil eliminates the heat from the refrigerant and blows them out of the system. If the coil is clogged by too much debris, it can’t do its job properly, resulting in poor airflow and discomfort in your home. Regular maintenance can help you solve this issue.

Insufficient Refrigerant Charge

If your air conditioning unit blows warm air, then check its refrigerant level. A low refrigerant charge can make your home uncomfortable and cause airflow issues. If not addressed, the problem can cause a drastic decline in your system’s overall performance.

Malfunctioning Components

Air conditioning systems are composed of different parts, including motor, belt, bearings, and more. If any of these parts experience wear and tear, a good amount of airflow can’t be delivered into your home. A professional diagnosis is needed to fix any damaged parts of your system.

Thermostat Problems

When you experience a sudden shift in your indoor temperature, or you suddenly feel hot in your home, the first thing you should check is your thermostat. It could be possible that you accidentally programmed the device to the wrong temperature setting, or its battery is drained already.

If you feel like your OKC home isn’t cooling properly due to poor airflow, then you need a professional service from Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide A/C services and IAQ solutions to make your home comfortable and safe for you and your family.

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