Vent Covers: What Are the Types and How They Help?

October 26, 2018

Vent Covers: What Are the Types and How They Help?

Vent Covers: What Are the Types and How They Help?
Most homeowners do not put much attention to their vent covers. While others place great importance on how their vent covers appear with respect to their home decorations, some understand that there is much more in them in terms of functionality – and this is something everyone should pay attention to. Here are a few of the important points you should remember about the types of vent covers and the help they offer to your HVAC and home. What Are Vent Covers? As what the name implies, vent covers are covering your HVAC system’s vent opening, which circulates the heated or conditioned air throughout your home. They are designed to direct the airflow from your ventilation system to the respective location inside your home. Types of Vent Covers Here are two types of vent covers that an HVAC system is composed of:
  • Supply Vents: Supply vents allow the heated or conditioned air from the HVAC system to enter the rooms in your home. They are commonly found on the floors, under the windows or on the outer walls, and are ideally positioned separated from the return vents in order to prevent air re-circulation.
  • Return Vents: Return vents suck in the unconditioned or unheated air from your rooms and carry it to your HVAC system through the ducts for conditioning or heating process. They are more centrally seen in rooms and often positioned on interior walls that are higher off the ground.
How Does Vent Cover Help? Installing the right vent cover for your home can offer you the following benefits:
  • Better Comfort
Vent covers can help you by controlling your ventilation and airflow for better comfort. This means you are given the liberty to adjust the amount of heated or conditioned are in a particular area of your home.
  • Low Energy Bill
Controlling the airflow in your HVAC system means controlling the amount of stress placed on the unit. This has something to do with your energy bill. When your heating and cooling systems work less, they consume less energy too, allowing you to save cash on your utility bill every month.
  • Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics
With modern vent covers, there is no need for you to mind the “visual sacrifice” thing in exchange for better comfort. Vent covers are now sold in different types and sizes so you can find the right product suited for the style scheme of your room. Homeowners are advised to always pay attention to their vent covers to ensure comfort and savings from season to season. If you want to learn more about vent covers or you need new installation for your HVAC system, Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Contact our team today!