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January 4, 2019

Trends in HVAC: 3 Areas Driving Advancements in Technology

Trends in HVAC: 3 Areas Driving Advancements in Technology
In today’s fast-paced technological industry, it is important that HVAC manufacturers stay ahead of the curve and win the taste of many consumers. That is why more and more product makers are constantly searching for ways to help end-users reduce their operating costs, increase their equipment’s efficiency, and improve the quality of life. Principia, the leading research and consulting firm for building materials and construction industry monitors the advancement in HVAC technology that centers on 3 areas of interest including:
  1. Smart Thermostat and Technology

If you could still recall, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, and Google Home were developed as new technology over the last twenty years. These temperature-controlling devices helped consumers check and adjust their thermostats using their smartphones or tablets. These technological transformations are driving new demands outside the HVAC markets. Now, consumers can control their temperature remotely using smart devices. Also, they are upgradable to become compatible with today’s new home’s system and equipped with notification features to prompt homeowners about the system’s activity.
  1. Air Purification

Consumers do not only seek for convenience when using comfort devices; they also search for long-term quality and safety. When it comes to air purification, quality and safety are the top priority. NASA, for example, discovered ways to improve air purification and the organization currently works to bring this innovation to residential and commercial consumers in the HVAC industry. This technology has four key uses, including cleaning the air, reducing allergens, eliminating VOCs, and protecting families.
  1. System Integration

System integration is important to help consumers locate and access their devices and equipment in a centralized location; not in different gadgets and apps. HVAC manufacturers like Bryant have developed products that help users control HVAC, security, power, lighting, and electrical systems in a single location. To meet the growing comfort demands and lifestyle of many consumers, these trends in the HVAC industry will constantly be driven by technological advancements. By integrating quality and convenience, manufacturers can achieve game-changing solutions in the industry. Of course, it is the HVAC contractors’ responsibility to stay in the know about these latest trends and technologies, so they can provide information and proper solution to homeowners. As your reliable HVAC company in OKC, our team at Rhino Heating & Air makes sure to keep ourselves updated about current developments in the HVAC industry. Should you need more information or services, feel free to contact us today.