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September 6, 2019

Tips on How to Reduce Home Humidity

Tips on How to Reduce Home Humidity
High humidity level is one of the biggest problems of many homeowners in OKC during the summer. Despite having a well-functioning A/C, their home still feels less comfortable when the weather outside turns out excessively hot. Are you experiencing the same issue? Here’s how you can deal with high humidity in your OKC home:

Use Ceiling Fans

When your indoor air doesn’t circulate properly, chances are mold and mildew can grow, causing health-related issues to your family. Prevent these organisms from growing and avoid any possible health risks by using your ceiling fans as an accompaniment to your A/C. Fans can help circulate the conditioned air throughout your home, reducing the chances of mold growth and increase of humidity level.

Use Ventilation

As discussed above, the humidity level increases when your indoor air remains stationary for a longer period. Proper ventilation can help reduce humidity and make your home more comfortable. You can either open your windows to let the fresh and natural air in or invest in ventilation systems from your trusted HVAC company in OKC.

Dehumidify Your Home

The best way to reduce or eliminate humidity in your home is to use a dehumidifying system. Dehumidifiers in OKC do wonders in keeping the right humidity level and preserving the cool air in your indoor space. When buying a dehumidifier, be sure to get the right one that suits your home’s size best. Talk to us at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning for an expert recommendation. Rearrange Your Indoor Plants Plants are used by many homes to improve their indoor aesthetics and absorb the moisture from the air. But what you might not know is that plants tend to discharge more water vapor than they consume, especially when they’re placed all together in a single location. You may not want to round up all of your indoor plants and just toss them out. Try rearranging them throughout your home or cover their soil to decrease the amount of humidity.

Schedule an A/C Inspection

It comes as no surprise that excessive humidity can make you feel hotter. But did you know what’s even worse than that? When your air conditioning unit isn’t working at its best! You’ll definitely have to deal with hot-temperature and a high-humidity home at the same time! It’s best to schedule a routine A/C maintenance service in OKC with the pros to check and fix any potential issues. Your home can only be comfortable when it is cool and has the right humidity level. Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning can provide your home with both. We’ve got the right solutions for you. Contact us to get started!