Tips for air conditioning and furnace repair

Heating and air conditioning repair is one of the important jobs that makes up necessary household maintenance. A little preventative maintenance can keep your system running well all year long. Although every home or business owner should have a skilled HVAC repair specialist on hand, there are 5 steps the home or business owner can do throughout the year.

Check for cracks or broken sealants around the furnace or air conditioning system. Looking over your system at least once a month allows you to get familiar with it, and will help you notice when something changes or doesn’t look right.

Inspect ducts, filters, blower and coils for obstructions. Changing out a filter is an inexpensive, yet vital part of maintenance.

Look for leaks or pooling water around the system. This is going to be an obvious visual sign of a possible larger problem. Find the leak before it turns into flooding!

Examine outdoor handlers for fallen debris, grass or other outdoor items that could clog or deter your system from working properly. When you are cleaning up your yard, incorporate your outdoor handler as part of your clean up routine.

Clean and/or replace filters every month – a clogged filter can inhibit your system from working properly. It is interesting to see exactly how much dust and debris your filter collects. Sometimes a little shocking! It reminds you how hard your system works for you.

You can also reduce the number of repair calls by having your furnace and air conditioning professionally maintained every year. Incorporate it into your household budget so the cost can be planned for as preventative maintenance. This will help you to avoid that emergency furnace repair call during the dead of winter, which can be very expensive.

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