Spring Cleaning Tips that Save Energy

Spring Cleaning Tips that Save Energy

It’s springtime once again. Are you ready to pay for high energy cost as the weather gets warmer? Spring signals that unbearable weather is about to set in, and before you know it, your cooling system and other household appliances are already consuming a huge portion of your savings. But don’t fret; our team at Rhino Heating & Air will help you avoid that.

Here are the spring cleaning tips that help you save energy:

Vacuum Your Refrigerator Coils

When was the last time you checked and cleaned the back part of your refrigerator? You should know that dust build-up on your refrigerator coils can also contribute to high energy consumption. Dirty coils can push your fridge to work harder just to keep everything stored inside it cold. So the next time you clean your ref, be sure to dust the dirt off at the back as well.

Replace Your A/C Filters

Dirty A/C filter can also result in skyrocketing energy consumption, and ignoring it can cause huge harm to your savings. A dirty filter blocks proper airflow, which causes your unit to work harder than the normal. By replacing your filters at least once every three months or once a month, you can definitely improve your air quality and ensure your cooling system is not wasting energy.

Clean the Surrounding of Your Outdoor Unit

Debris that sits near your outdoor unit can potentially affect the proper operation of your system and might shorten its lifespan. Remove the dead grasses, limbs, leaves, plastic trash bags, and other objects around it. Cut also the loose twigs and thick bushes that grow close to your unit. All these debris can restrict proper airflow, and if they are moist, they can cause corrosion to metal components of your cooling system.

Spot and Seal the Leaks

Gaps around your doors and windows can unquestionably increase your energy consumption. Cracks and holes found on your ductwork also do the same. For your windows and doors, be sure to seal the gaps using a weather-stripping or caulk sealant, and for your duct, call your local technician for proper cleaning and sealing.

Spring cleaning may seem an overwhelming task, but knowing that you can save energy and money by doing it makes the process a little more fulfilling. If you need assistance for your air conditioning system and other components related to it, you know how to call us. Set your appointment with Rhino Heating & Air today!


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