Should You Install Your New Air Conditioner on the Roof or Ground?

Should You Install Your New Air Conditioner on the Roof or Ground?

Keeping cool is a survival necessity especially in this time of the year. But aside from getting the most efficient A/C, many homeowners also face the dilemma of finding the best place to put them. You have probably noticed some A/C units on the roof or the ground. But if you will to choose locations, here are some factors that you need to consider.


Ground-installed air conditioning units take up more space because of the way they work. For residential areas with limited space, it will be difficult to add landscaping projects because you need to provide proper clearances for your air conditioning unit to function properly. But if you have large spaces, this will not be an issue.

Space is not really a problem for rooftop units since they are mounted on the roof and all parts are held together in a single compartment. Moving your air conditioning units on the roof will give you additional space while making your outdoor environment quitter.

Maintenance and Protection

A roof-mounted air conditioning unit is technically out of sight, so it is really a challenge to remember that it is there. If you are that person who constantly needs to be reminded of the most important responsibilities in your home, rooftop units are not really the best for you.

Ground units on the other hand have higher chances to be damaged by weeds and grasses. Small animals can also find their way inside the device. There are also risks from thrown rocks and kicked soccer balls. Landscaping can also hinder its proper performance.


Your air conditioning system is a valuable investment and they can be really inviting to thieves and vandals. Since thieves are looking for easy opportunities to come and go, rooftop units are safer than that mounted on the ground. Not all trespassers are brave enough to climb those walls but most of them find cracking fences and locks a piece of cake.


Air conditioning systems can sometimes get in the way of your home’s design. Ground-mounted units are easier to camouflage as compared to units in the roof. You can hide it in the bushes and other plants or make it a part of your landscaping project. Just be sure that the flow of air is not hindered.

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