Setting Your A/C When You’re Not at Home

August 16, 2019

Setting Your A/C When You’re Not at Home

Setting Your A/C When You’re Not at Home
Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning has been receiving many calls from homeowners who are wondering how to set their A/C thermostat while away. As you plan your next vacation, let us show you how to set your A/C thermostat before you leave.

Tips for Setting Your A/C When You’re On Vacation

You are probably thinking that turning off your central air conditioning will give you great savings. That’s not always the case! Here’s how to set your A/C thermostat before you head out on vacation:
  • For a short-time vacation (like a day or two), keep your A/C on and set a higher temperature. But for a longer vacation (like a week or more), you can turn your unit off and use a programmable thermostat to cool your home a day before you return.
  • Get updates about the weather forecast in your area. This helps you decide whether you need to turn your A/C on and off.
  • If your home has enough insulation and low air infiltration, it ideally has a higher resistance to heat build-up. It can retain cool temperature for a longer period, so you might need to set your temperature a bit higher or completely turn the unit off, depending on the weather and the length of your vacation.
With OKC’s hot and humid summer, your home can get stuffy if the indoor temperature is not managed right. Before leaving, be sure to follow the steps above and don’t forget to talk with your A/C company in OKC for expert advice.

Managing Your Central A/C When You’re On Vacation

Setting your temperature too high could encourage mold and mildew to grow while setting it too low might damage your furniture and make your indoor plants unhappy. We suggest setting your temperature somewhere between 80° to 85° when you’re away. Call Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning, and we’ll help come up with a solution that fits your needs. We can even help install a programmable thermostat to meet your savings goals.