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January 24, 2017

Rhino Your Air Conditioner May Give You Allergies

Air conditioner may give you allergies
Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot months. However, your air conditioner does have the unfortunate ability to give you allergies. Rhino heating and air is aware of this, and offers you an explanation why, and what you can do to solve this problem.  Respiratory allergies are common during the spring and summer and children are most susceptible because their immune systems are still a work in progress. If you live in a newly constructed home, there is a chance there is construction dust in your duct system. Concrete, sawdust and drywall could have left deposits that are being recirculated through your home via your HVAC system. Have your ducts cleaned, or consider installing an allergen filter system which has a continuous running fan that circulates the air. Working with a special filter, the system will remove allergens from the air. Be sure to stay on top of changing your filter when it is time to help in the fight against allergies.  If your system is not cleaned regularly it can harbor bacteria and fungi which can contribute to allergies. You do not want these micro-organisms becoming air borne. If you notice you return home from work feeling sick, the reason could be the HVAC system in your workplace. While you may not be able to fix or clean the system, you can be sure to do a few things to alleviate the negative experience. Leave your desk and go outside during your breaks to get some fresh air. Close your office vent to re-direct cold air and allow your body temperature to regulate. Consider placing an ion air purifier in your office to clean the air you breathe to prevent allergies. If you have questions on how to eliminate allergies, call us at Rhino heating and air for further advice.