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July 20, 2016

Rhino – Tips for Home Maintenance


Our customers know that Rhino Heating and Air focuses on HVAC systems, but we are always concerned about the general wellbeing of our customers’ homes. Here are some basic tips for home maintenance. The first step is to write out a home maintenance calendar, this will help identify the jobs that need to be done with a clear timeline and stop you from feeling overwhelmed. You can break the tasks down monthly, quarterly, biannually and seasonally.

Monthly tasks will include changing out your HVAC filters, cleaning your kitchen sink disposal, cleaning your range hood filter (you may need to buy a degreaser for this) and inspecting your fire extinguisher. When looking over your extinguisher, make sure it is not expired, easily accessible and the gauge shows good pressure.

Quarterly, it is a good idea to test your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors, hit the test button and make sure the alarm sounds. If it doesn’t replace the batteries, if it still doesn’t work after a cleaning, it could be time for a new detector. If you have guest bathrooms or sinks that don’t get used frequently, run the water and flush the toilets to prevent grime buildup.

Biannually you will want to give your house a deep clean which involves dusting, cleaning windows, sorting through closets and emptying draws. Pay attention to your basement and attic, there are two areas that become a magnet for junk and belongings that don’t get used frequently. This is the time to vacuum your refrigerator coils to help keep it running efficiently, and make sure your appliances are in good working order and not showing any wear and tear.

Working on your house throughout the year allows you to keep things in good order and catch small problems before they become large expensive issues. Owning a home means you always have a work in progress!