Signs You Have a Good HVAC Technician

October 15, 2016

Rhino – Signs You Have a Good HVAC Technician

Hvac tech

Finding a dependable, trusted HVAC technician can be a difficult task. Hiring an individual to install or perform maintenance on your unit is not a decision to be taken lightly without serious thought. When you meet a technician for the first time, trust your gut instinct.

Does he or she appear trustworthy? Did you like them right away? Were you impressed with their level of customer service? A well trained HVAC technician will be able to answer your questions and offer suggestions.  They will be trained in troubleshooting, so they can determine the problem and the necessary solution quickly.

If they are a true professional, they will respect your house as if it were their own. They will have pride in their appearance and will be on time for their scheduled appointment. If they a running late, a good technician will call and let you know.

Reliability is important, if someone doesn’t show up for an appointment, will you be able to trust them when they finally show up, to work on your expensive HVAC system? Does the technician work steadily and carefully when at your house or business? Or do they spend time on their phone, therefore not resolving your problem within the expected time frame? When the technician is working, do they appear to be following safety protocol? Or do they seem careless? This is important because you don’t want a walking, working liability in your house. Last of all, a sign of a good technician is them leaving their work space as they found it, clean and tidy!