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December 27, 2016

Rhino Get a Spring Tune-Up for Your Air Conditioner

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Before you know it, spring will be around the corner and warmer days upon us in Moore Oklahoma. Rhino Heating and Air would love to be your first call for a spring tune up on your HVAC system. Be an early bird and don’t wait until summer to have your air conditioning tuned up. You don’t want to wait until a hot day to find out your AC isn’t working or your contractor has a full summer schedule.  Your HVAC system is a hard working machine that shouldn’t be taken for granted. When a spring tune up is performed, your HVAC professional will perform a couple of tasks.

The first one will be a cleanup of your system. The technician will clean all your HVAC components and inspect your filter to see if it needs to be changed. A clean system runs more efficiently. The technician will perform emergency prevention, this basically means a routine inspection of the unit to see if there are any small problems that could potentially become large ones, for example finding a small leak. The outside components will be examined carefully since they are exposed to the elements 24/7. He or she may clean and drain your condensate line and make sure all parts are lubricated and no friction is being caused. The thermostat will be checked to make sure it is working properly and all wiring should be inspected for fraying or lose connections. All fluid levels and pressure levels will be checked. Call us here at Rhino Heating and Air, our spring inspection can lower your power bills and reduce the chance of your HVAC system breaking down.