Messing With the Thermostat Could Do More Harm than Good

Messing With the Thermostat Could Do More Harm than Good

You might be doing something on your thermostat that you think is right. Without proper guidance and recommendation from the experts, you may end up stressing your comfort system and paying big energy bills each month.

Read this post to know some of the things you do with your thermostat that could do more harm than good.

Turning Off the Thermostat Completely

Turning off your thermostat completely is something you should stop doing when you leave home. Take advantage of the setback feature of programmable thermostats that lets you schedule the heating or cooling level when you leave home. This might take some experimenting with your heating or cooling preference but anywhere from 10 to 16 degrees adjustment on the normal temperature can be a good start.

Changing Your Indoor Temperature Frequently

It can be tempting to turn down the heat when you leave home and turn it up again when you get back. The truth is it actually wastes you a lot of energy and money. One of the best solutions we recommend is using a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout your home efficiently. Keep it at standard heating or cooling to feel comfortable and pay less on your monthly bill.

Setting Your Thermostat in the Wrong Temperature

Whatever the season, a wrong temperature setting on your thermostat can make the air in your home stuffy and uncomfortable. Not only you can experience discomfort, but your energy bill also rises tremendously. The optimal and efficient setting you should follow is 65 to 70 degrees for heating and 78 degrees for cooling.

Setting Your Temperature Too High or Too Low

Setting your temperature too high or too low does take a significant amount of energy when it constantly runs. The energy it consumes is much higher than the energy needed when your unit kicks in. It can even lead to strain on the unit, which can result to high energy bill and reduced lifespan.

Not Adding or Removing an Extra Layer of Clothes

This might seem like a real “no-brainer,” but this is a good reminder. The energy you wasted and the high bill you paid each month can be pretty incredible. But you can actually make yourself comfortable without paying this high. You can add an extra layer of clothes during winter or wear a comfortable shirt during summer.

Your thermostat may seem like a simple device, but do not mess with it, or you else will pay the price: a high energy bill. If there is something you need to understand about your thermostat, do not hesitate to call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air. Contact us today!

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