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June 13, 2016

Keep Warm this Winter

Keep Warm This Winter

Keeping warm in the cold Oklahoma winters is crucial to your family’s comfort and productivity. Here are some tips to keep your house warm and cozy without running up your power bill or having to wear multiple layers inside the house.

Let sunlight into your house during the day. Think of the sun as free heat! Let it shine in by opening up your curtains. Time it right! Once the sun is no longer coming through that part of the house, draw the curtains again. Keep curtains closed at night. Close the curtains once the sun goes down. This will help trap the heat in. Did you know you can buy insulated curtains? They do a fantastic job of holding in warmth. Wood-burning fireplaces. Use a glass front for your fireplace. What this does is keep the heated air inside your house, as opposed to it being pulled up the chimney when there are no longer flames. Take a look at your ceiling fans. You may be surprised to see there is a winter setting on your fan. This will make it move clockwise instead of counterclockwise. This pushes heat down into the room making you warmer as opposed to trapping it close to the ceiling. Make sure furniture is not close to, or blocking your vents. Check that no vents are blocked in your house. This will stop any air pressure issues and make sure the heat flow is not being interrupted. Use winter as an excuse to bake! Using your oven is a simple way to warm the kitchen and close by rooms! Make some hearty casseroles or cookies and enjoy a good meal and some warmth.

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