Fall Indoor Air Concerns and How to Conquer Them

Fall Indoor Air Concerns and How to Counter Them

Unless you want to spend most of your winter hours outside your house, you should be familiar with a lot of things about indoor air quality.

Fall and spring are seasons for allergies and also the most tempting time to open your windows and doors and let fresh breeze enter your home. If you are an extreme allergy sufferer, when even a tiny piece of pollen can turn your face red and your eyes sore, these seasons aren’t really the best time for you.

Aside from allergens, fall season also calls for dusts, poor air circulation and humidity control, air fresheners and household cleaners, molds and all other elements that can trigger health complications. Good thing, there are some ways to help you combat these fall indoor air concerns.

Check Your Furnace Filter

As much as possible, change your furnace filter every end of the season. If you have pets with you and your family members are prone to allergies, you might need to do it more often, at least once a month. Air filters help in trapping airborne particles and dusts so they won’t get in the air you breathe.

Use Natural Fresheners and Cleaning Solutions

There are homemade solutions that you can use to clean and freshen the air inside your home. Make it a habit not to depend entirely on commercial cleaners and air fresheners. Even if they are proven effective, they still bring chemicals which can mix with the indoor air and pollute it.

Control Humidity

It’s not just the temperature that you need to pay attention to; humidity is also an important consideration. Since fall does not call for too much use of your heating and cooling system, the humidity in your home rises. If you are worried of your indoor air quality, especially when you know that air is not circulated often, you may just switch your thermostat fan to “ON”.

Above all these tips, be sure to ask recommendations from your trusted HVAC service company for the right indoor air quality system that will be best for your home.

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