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June 13, 2016

HVAC Cleaning Tips

HVAC Cleaning Tips
Most households carry out some type of spring cleaning. A good vacuuming and dusting around the house will help get rid of dust particles that will eventually rotate through your HVAC system. However, the actual HVAC itself can get overlooked during the spring cleaning process. Take a look at your system and make sure it is ready to work for you as the summer months approach with the incoming heat. It is advisable to have a technician come out and inspect your HVAC system, but in the interim, here are some simple cleaning tips. Change your air filter. This should be done at least every couple of months, but with allergy season kicking in during the spring be sure to switch it out to tackle allergens and dust found in the home. Filters are inexpensive and are found in all major hardware stores. While you are changing filters, go ahead and wipe down the filter cover. Clean around all your vents and make sure no items are blocking them. Walk outside and clear away all debris from the outside components, rake leaves and remove any snapped tree branches that may have fallen over winter. If you feel comfortable doing so, clean your AC coil so it works at its highest efficiency. Consider getting your air ducts cleaned. Experts recommend cleaning them every four to six years. This is because not all of the dust makes it to the air filter, dust and allergens get caught up in the ducts and can affect the air quality in your house. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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