How To Naturally Reduce Humidity In Your Home

February 9, 2018

How To Naturally Reduce Humidity In Your Home

How To Naturally Reduce Humidity In Your Home
Is high indoor humidity a problem in your home in Moore, OK? Here are simple but helpful tricks to help you in dealing with excess moisture naturally. Signs of Very High Humidity
  • Get a humidistat. A humidistat measures how high or low the humidity level inside your home is. The ideal home humidity ranges from 45 to 55% RH.
  • Watch out for molds. Check if there is already the presence of molds especially in areas where humidity levels is high. These include the bathroom, kitchen, walls, ceilings and the corners of the rooms.
  • Condensation takes place. Your indoor humidity is high when there are beads of water or fog on your glass windows. Condensation takes place when there is high humidity which normally takes place during the winter season. It may sound harmless but condensation can encourage growth of molds on windows and walls.
  • Musty Odor. Large population of mold and mildew can give your home a musty smell. If you can smell it, you are also breathing in mold spores which can trigger allergy symptoms and breathing difficulties.
 Ways To Reduce Humidity Without A Dehumidifier
  1. Improve ventilation. Proper ventilation is very important in reducing the amount of moisture inside. Keep vents and fans on, ventilate kitchens and bathrooms, and if possible, open windows and doors to ensure sufficient ventilation inside. Doing this at least few hours a day is already a big help in reducing indoor moisture.
  2. Replace furnace filters. Dirty filters restrict air flow, making it less efficient in reducing indoor humidity. Have a regular furnace filter change.
  3. Use fans. Fans play a vital role in circulating the stale air around the room and increase air flow at the same time. It helps in removing excess moisture through evaporation.
  4. Take shorter showers. Showers especially this winter are great contributors of excess steam that causes humidity to rise. If possible, take shorter and colder showers then open the exhaust fan after to remove excess steam.
  5. Hang clothes and put plants outside. Place your plants outside and let your wet clothes dry outside. Plants produce moisture vapors that increase humidity. If drying clothes outside isn’t possible, use a clothes dryer that is vented outside.
If none of these tips help solve your high humidity issue, consider a dehumidifier installation for a fast solution. Call the professionals at Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning now!