Heater / Furnace Repair Tips – Rhino Heat and Air

September 1, 2016

Heater/Furnace Repair Tips – Rhino

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Fall is upon us and it is never too early to think about problems your furnace and heater may encounter. After a long summer and not being used, your furnace may need a maintenance check.  A routine inspection and repair may be in order to help your heating system run efficiently and catch small problems before they become large ones. If you find your furnace isn’t heating well, or is cycling between the on and off modes, check and change out the filter.

A dirty filter has the potential to cause damage to the limit switch which in turn controls the fan. This leads to wear and tear which results in airflow problems, overheating or heat control related issues. A common problem in a heater or furnace is a faulty pilot light or ignition. If your appliance is clogged it can show itself in an unlit pilot light.

Another hotspot is a faulty thermostat. However, a common problem that makes a furnace not heat at all is the thermostat setting! It seems like an obvious place to start and check, but you would be surprised how many people overlook this simple hint. The next place to check is your breaker box and make sure it isn’t flipped! If your furnace is struggling to keep your house or office warm, it may be too small to adequately produce enough heat.

You can easily check your thermostat (and even change its battery) and filter yourself, but there are some jobs that are better left to the professionals. If you hear abnormal noises, rattles and rumbling it could be a mechanical issue or clogged burner. A continuously running blower could mean a bad limit switch which normally a professional has to replace. If you try to fix a problem that is out of your expertise, you may unintentionally void your warranty if you have one. Last of all, always use caution when dealing with propane or natural gas

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