Get Rid Of Those HVAC Noises

Get Rid Of Those HVAC Noises

Do you hear strange noises coming out of your HVAC system whenever in use? There are normal sounds produced by your units in normal operations. However, if these sounds become irritating noises, that’s a completely different story. HVAC noises are signals that there are components in your system which needs quick fixing or repairs. Here are the common HVAC noises you should be familiar with.


Most of the time, the squealing noise is an indication of a belt or motor bearing problem. A broken belt is expensive to repair and may cause your blower to stop turning. If it’s the blower motor, adding lubricants will solve the noise issue. In some systems, sounds are produced during start up. You must be extra observant to know if it’s the normal sound or it’s already the noise produced by a faulty component.


You will hear banging noises when there are broken components or loose parts inside your system. This also happens when the indoor blower is unbalanced. When you hear loud banging whenever your blower is in use, shut it off and have a technician inspect the system for loose and disconnected parts.


Rattling sound is a sign of loose parts. Fans rattle when unfastened.  It can also be because of some debris blocking the system such as twigs and leaves. The first that you should do to prevent this noise is to check the system’s screws and bolts if loosed. Also, clean your condenser coils so that nothing can block the system’s operation and regularly change your air filters.


You can hear a normal clicking sound in your heating and cooling system when you start it up and shut it down. However, if the clicking is continuous, it’s no longer part of your normal HVAC operation. This could be an indication of a thermostat problem and some electrical concerns. Be sure to diagnose the problem immediately to prevent rise of major issues.


The buzzing sound in your unit can be an indication of loose parts such as fan blades, clogging in the indoor or outdoor unit and unbalanced blower. This could also mean that you have a dirty air filter and condenser coils or your refrigerants are leaking.

If you hear unusual sounds in your HVAC system, better turn it off and call a licensed technician right away. A good HVAC maintenance can help you cope with these unwanted noises.

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