General Heating System Maintenance Tips for Winter

December 4, 2019

General Heating System Maintenance Tips for Winter

General Heating System Maintenance Tips for Winter
The deep freeze is officially here in OKC. Is your heating system working properly and still as efficient as it was last year? If NO, then maybe there is something you missed doing with your unit. Our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning bring together these smart tips to guide you towards effective heating system maintenance this winter.

Thing You Can Do Yourself

  1. Replace your air filter regularly. Check, clean and change your air filter at least once every three months or as needed to avoid damaging the internal components of the unit, increasing your monthly energy cost, and experiencing poor indoor air quality.
  2. Clean your heat exchanger. To maintain the right heating level, clean your heat exchanger and remove the corrosion, dirt, and soot from your system.
  3. Check for obstructions. To help your unit work properly, make sure that your air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators are not blocked. This can help the air to flow freely and circulate around your home.
  4. Check your thermostat. If the heat fails to kick in, do not fret. Try checking your thermostat, instead. Do a thermostat test to see if it is really the root of the problem. Set it to 80 degrees only for testing purposes and if there’s still no heat, it is time to call the experts.
  5. Check your ductwork. Check your ducts and pipes to make sure they are sealed properly.

Things You Should Leave to the Professionals

  1. Examine Electrical Connections. This job includes examining the electrical terminals, tightening connections, and applying a non-conductive
  2. Inspect the Vital Components of the System. Fire may occur and your unit might run inefficiently if its vital parts are damaged. To avoid this, your technician ensures all oil or gas connections, burner combustion, heat exchangers, and gas pressure are working properly.
  3. Give Motors Proper Lubrication. Friction can occur if your unit’s components lack lubrication. It can also increase the amount of energy you used every month and damage the parts of your unit.
  4. Remove Blockages. Professionals can do a complete inspection of your filters, ducts, indoor coils, and blowers for dirt and other obstructions.
  5. Do Necessary Repair and Replacement. If there are parts needed to be repaired or replaced, no one else could do the job better than professionals. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to get the job done on time.
There’s nothing better than knowing that your heating system works efficiently and properly throughout the winter months. If you need a professional diagnosis for your heating system, call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning.