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October 8, 2018

Furnace Filters 101: How to Pick the Right Furnace Filter

Furnace Filters 101: How to Pick the Right Furnace Filter
Choosing the right furnace filter is like choosing a pair of shoes in the store. What you pick should fit right and able to give the quality you need. However, furnace filters are among those components many homeowners overlook. Little do they know that finding the right one is necessary to obtain efficiency, performance, and overall comfort. So whether you are planning to buy a new filter or just want to learn more about proper filter selection, we’ve got you covered. Here are the steps that will make choosing the right furnace filter an easy task. Know Your Furnace Unit First Before going anywhere to shop for filters, it is important that you know the basic information of your unit like its make and model. Take note that every heating system is completely different from one another, meaning they have different parts and needs. Also, know the exact size of your filter before going to an HVAC store. All this information will help you identify which filter will work best for your unit. Know If You Have Specific Medical Requirements At Home If one of your family members suffer from allergies, asthma, or upper respiratory condition, it is best to get a filter with a high level of filtration. Talk to your trusted HVAC company to discuss this or check for filters that provide this kind of performance to keep everyone safe from any health issues. Know the Types of Furnace Filters Originally designed to keep the unit’s parts protected, modern filters can help improve the quality of your indoor air and cut down your energy bills. The following are four types of modern filters:
  • Disposable Fiberglass
These filters are affordable, effective in removing dust, lint, and larger debris, and good for those who do not have the particular medical condition.
  • Disposable Pleated
Not only that disposable pleated filters are affordable but they are also as efficient as the fiberglass type. Pleated filters effectively trap tiny particles while adding efficiency to the airflow of your furnace.
  • Disposable Electrostatic
Disposable electrostatic filters are good at attracting and trapping tiny particles, which make them great for homes with pets, smokers, and children.
  • Permanent Electrostatic
These filters can work like disposable filters, but the main difference is that they are reusable. Just wash them, get them dry and use again. By knowing the essential things needed in buying the right furnace filter, you can effectively get the performance and efficiency you required from it. But if picking the right one seems so hard, Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning will help you in the process. Call us so we can inspect your unit and find the right filter for it.