Fancy Trying Something New Around the House?

June 13, 2016

Fancy Trying Something New Around the House? Here are some AC Repairs you can do Yourself

Fancy Trying Something New Around the House? Here are Some AC Repairs You Do Yourself

If you are experiencing trouble with your AC unit there are a few simple repair tips you can carry out before you call a technician. You may be able to fix the problem yourself, but never put yourself in a situation where you could harm yourself.

A. Take a look at your breaker. Did it happen to trip? Running many appliances at the same time could cause it to trip and therefore prevent your A/C from running. This happens more frequently than people think and it is a simple problem to solve. B. What is the condition of your filter? Is it time to change it? Being consistent in switching out your filters is a big part of preventative maintenance. A dirty filter can make your system ice/clog up and prevent proper air flow. C. Speaking of ice, check to see if your system has ice which needs to be melted. This can be done by just running the fan or turning the unit off. D. How new are the batteries in your thermostat or thermostat remote? If a unit is battery operated be sure to check them. E. Check the settings on your unit. Did someone in your family change them by accident so the unit is just on the fan setting and no longer on the A/C setting? F. Check your outside unit. Is it clean? Make sure there is no debris and the fan blades are clean. G. How about your ducts? Can air flow out of them or are they blocked? A simple cleaning may get the air flowing again. Hopefully some of these tips can save you money and get your system up and running again. It is recommended that any repairs to do with electricity and chemicals should be dealt with by a professional technician.