Expert Tips For A Successful A/C Installation

Expert Tips For A Successful A/C Installation

Is your previous A/C installation giving you haunting regrets because of a lousy job? Did that expensive investment suddenly go to nothing? Don’t worry! We have your back now. If you are planning to buy a new air conditioning unit or already have one in the package, you have to make sure that everything in the installation works well.

Here are expert tips for a successful A/C installation:

Work with Professional Installers

Though you have a little knowledge about A/C installation, it is still not enough to get the job done correctly. The solution is to call professional installers to handle the work. A/C is a complex system that has to be installed and configured by trained and qualified experts. Professional installers who understand your comfort equipment will expertly adjust your system in accordance to space requirement and manufacturer’s specification.

Do Not Install an Incorrectly-Sized Unit

Your primary consideration when buying a new A/C unit is the size of your home and the number of people using the room. Determine the space you want to cool down and the power needed for it. The area of your room needs to match the BTU value and capacity of your air conditioner. Experts recommended that for a fifty-meter square space, you should use 2000 BTU cooling capacity. This might sound overwhelming to you, but do not worry. We can help you along the way, from choosing the best options to the installation process.

Always Ask for Rough Estimate

After purchasing your air conditioner, contact Rhino Heating & Air to ask for a quote. During the call, our A/C installer will give an estimated installation fee, so you will know how much the service potentially cost. The price may vary depending on the size and number of your unit, the amount of work to be done, your location, and other factors. Don’t worry because everything you need to know will be discussed and given attention by our representative.

Install Your Air Conditioning in a Good Spot

Your A/C’s location has something to do with the energy efficiency of the unit. Other homeowners think that placing their large HVAC unit at the corner of the house might seem convenient. But this placement forces your unit to work harder. We suggest installing the unit in shady areas, instead. Direct sunlight might force your unit to consume more energy to cool down your home.

Air conditioning is as important as other expensive appliances at home. Therefore, proper and correct installation is necessary so that you can enjoy the benefits of this investment. Rhino Heating & Air can handle your A/C installation requirement, be it big or small. Talk to us today!

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