Environment Friendly Water Heater for Your Home

Enviro friendly water heater for your home

We live in an era where reducing the greenhouse gases and carbon monoxide is so important. Even though many people understand the main cause of global warming, not all people are willing to turn their homes into a more eco-friendly environment.

One great change homeowners can make is to install an environment-friendly water heater for their home. By switching into this type of water heater, homeowners can now begin saving money on energy bills while still keeping the green house gases’ level lower.

Solar Powered Water Heaters

These days, most homes are being retrofitted or built for solar power. The best thing about solar-powered homes is that they are reducing the dependency on fossil fuel. This is done through minimizing the carbon footprint. However, it does not necessarily mean to have your home run completely on a solar power. Solar-powered water heating system is one great way to reduce the carbon footprint. As a result, your home will become an efficient and environment-friendly place.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tank water heaters bring few drawbacks to those who want to cut their electricity bills. This is because they must operate twenty-four hours to maintain the set range of temperature. However, with tankless water heating systems, it can eliminate the need for tank’s storage because they heat water directly. Best of all, they only heat water when it is needed. In return, it reduces the energy consumption for about 15%. This translates into a more considerable savings on electricity bills.

Another way it can save money is through reducing the number of times you need to replace it. Most of the tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. This is twice longer than the conventional water heaters.

Hybrid Electric

Most HVAC companies can meet homeowners’ hot water needs since they stock and install the most advanced systems. Hybrid electric water heater can reduce water heating costs for about 62%. Great benefits await you knowing that the government grants tax credit when you purchase and install energy efficient heating systems. In addition to that, hybrid water heaters are more cost-effective. They are 3x more energy efficient compared to the traditional water heaters. Homeowners can save up to $300 every year.

Even though environment friendly water heaters are more expensive compared to conventional gas or electric water heaters, homeowners can begin saving an amount of money upon its installation. There are amazing benefits that await you when you install this type of water heater. Not only you will save money, but the unit will also last longer. This unit provides much better performance and using it will give you additional tax credits.

Though the price range of environment friendly water heater is higher than those less efficient models, the cost will definitely pay off down the line. However, aside from the cost of the water heater, the installation cost must also be considered. Majority of homeowners are beginning to prefer this type because they are much better in terms of supplying hot water in an efficient way.

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