Ductwork Installation Is No Simple Matter

Ductwork Installation Is No Simple Matter

Have you tried installing your duct by yourself? If you don’t have the know-how, don’t even think about it. Ductwork installation is a complicated job which, if not properly done, might lead to major problems in your heating and cooling system.

Air Leaks

As much as possible, curves should be minimized in your ducts. These can cause your unit to double its effort in giving your home the normal comfort that you need. Too many curves mean too many joints where air leaks happen most of the time. Installers use metal tapes and clamps to connect these joints and prevent air from leaking out. It’s important to keep the air tight to avoid wasted energy.

High Energy Bill

Expect a significant increase in your energy bill when your ducts are not properly installed. Aside from the air that’s leaking out through the holes, restricted air flow and incorrect sizing of ducts can also contribute to high energy consumption of your HVAC system. Qualified installers see to it that your ducts are complimentary to the size of your house and the kind of insulation you have.

Noisy Operation

If you failed to install your ductwork properly, you will be troubled by the rattling noises every time you run your system. These strange noises are probably caused by incorrect connection of the joints and lack of support to keep the duct in place while in use. You might be hearing some squealing sounds which are caused by unseen air holes and leaks.

Early Replacement

These problems mentioned above can lead to expensive repairs and shortened life period of your heating and cooling system. That’s why it’s a good decision to hire a professional HVAC technician to install your ductworks. A service cost is way lesser than repair and replacement expenses.

Expert Installation

Some homeowners prefer to have their ducts installed. However, it is still better to have it done or at least checked by professional experts. After all, your HVAC units are great investment that you don’t want to lose.

With decades of experience in HVAC system installation throughout Oklahoma City, our professional technicians at Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning understand the importance of proper installation and make sure that each component functions properly.

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