Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Here are some tips on choosing a reliable HVAC contractor. First of all, no HVAC system or problem is identical. If you call an HVAC company and they insist on giving you an estimate via the telephone, this is a red flag. Unless it is a contractor you have worked with before and have an established relationship with. A contractor needs to see the type of insulation and windows you have, your ductwork, the HVAC system and amount of registers you have. When a contractor comes out, he or she should thoroughly examine your HVAC system, and even look in your attic and crawl spaces. Make sure to get a written estimate.

A good contractor will educate you on modern HVAC systems if you decide you need a new system or an upgrade. He or she needs to be able to offer a couple of suggestions, discuss their pros and cons and explain how energy efficient they are. The contractor can give you a couple of tips on how to save money on your power bill in general. If a contractor attempts to sell you an older model, they may be trying to unload an older model their company has in stock.

There is nothing wrong in asking if your contractor or technicians if they are certified or licensed and have continuous education within the HVAC field. Just because someone has been in the business for thirty years, doesn’t mean their knowledge is up to date. HVAC technology is always changing.

Read reviews and get recommendations. Google reviews or Angie’s list is a great place to start in helping you choose an HAVC contractor. Google makes it hard to write fake reviews so it is a reliable source.

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