Buying an Air Conditioner for your Home

August 24, 2016

Buying an Air Conditioner for your Home – Rhino

A/C systems normally last around 10 to 20 years, so at some point during your home ownership you will be faced with the task of buying a new system. Buying a new HVAC system is one of the largest purchases a homeowner can make, not just cost wise, but comfort wise. Making sure your living area is comfortable temperature wise is crucial for the wellbeing and productivity of your family. When looking to buy an AC think about who you will use to install in. Research some contractors and read their online reviews. Speak to a couple, ask questions and get cost estimates and quotes, not just for the system but also for installation. Choose a company you are comfortable with and trust, because more than likely you will use the same company for continued maintenance and perhaps even buy a maintenance and warranty plan from them. It is recommended you have your AC maintained and inspected at least once a year. Therefore, choose a company you see yourself working with for years to come. Have your chosen installer give you advice on the right size unit for your house. If a system is too big, it will waste energy as it cycles on and off. If a system is too small, it won’t cool your house efficiently and will struggle to keep up. Normally, a contractor will come to your house and perform a load calculation to determine the right size taking into account square footage and insulation.  Use this as an opportunity to ask about the SEER rating of units you are considering, you want to make sure your unit is energy-efficient.