Breathe Easy While Staying Warm Indoors

Breathe Easy While Staying Warm Indoor

With the freezing winter temperature, no one wants to stay out of the house for a long period of time. You tend to stay inside longer, hibernating or doing things to warm yourself. Since you’re using more of your indoor air, it’s important to pay extra attention to your indoor air quality.

While having a well-maintained furnace is a good start, you may need these few more steps to keep the air clean in the outset of the winter season.

Keep those vents and registers clean. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these parts and when the air blows through them, these particles can be distributed into your home. Use a flexible duster, moist cloth and the wand attachment on your vacuum to clean the area.

Clean the fan blades. Your ceiling fan blades can also get dusty. As it rotates, these particles also circulate in your home. Clean fan blades ones a week and while you’re at it, you can reverse its direction to add warm air in the room.

Don’t miss a professional duct cleaning schedule. You’ll find the worst accumulation of airborne particles on the inner walls of your ducts. Schedule a professional duct cleaning to disinfect and clean your ducts completely.

Replace air filters regularly. You should do this all year-round but most especially in the winter season. If you failed to change your air filter, the trapped airborne particles including skin cells and hair can block the airflow and strain your unit. These can also mix with the air that flows into your home.

Invest in an air filtration system. If you’re very much concerned of your indoor air quality, consider a professional installation of a whole-home filtration system. This works hand in hand with your HVAC system to remove even microscopic particles in the air. This can also make your units work efficiently.

Keep your home clean. Aside from your maintaining your HVAC system and filtration devices, a clean home can also reduce the level of indoor air pollution. At least once a week, dusting and vacuum cleaning can make a big difference in keeping a healthy air inside your home.

At Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning, we are confident that you can perform these DIY tips successfully. In case you need a professional help for either an HVAC emergency or a simple maintenance service, our experts are always ready to turn things around.

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