Rhino – Proper Disposal of Worn Out HVAC Units

proper disposal hvac

An average lifespan of an HVAC system is normally around the 10 to 15 year mark. When it comes time for you to buy a new system, you will need to think of how to dispose of your old one. Many times, the installers of your new system will take the old one off your. [Read more…]

Rhino – Climate Change and HVAC

climate change and hvac

Is climate change real? Some people believe in it and others do not. Regardless of personal belief, there is a general consensus that weather patterns change over time and summers and winters can get warmer depending on what weather cycle we are experiencing.  When this happens there is obviously an increase in AC use and. [Read more…]

Heater/Furnace Repair Tips – Rhino

hvac repair tips

Fall is upon us and it is never too early to think about problems your furnace and heater may encounter. After a long summer and not being used, your furnace may need a maintenance check.  A routine inspection may be in order to help your heating system run efficiently and catch small problems before they. [Read more…]

Buying an Air Conditioner for your Home – Rhino


A/C systems normally last around 10 to 20 years, so at some point during your home ownership you will be faced with the task of buying a new system. Buying a new HVAC system is one of the largest purchases a homeowner can make, not just cost wise, but comfort wise. Making sure your living. [Read more…]

Rhino – Benefits of a New HVAC System

benefits of a new hvac system

Purchasing a new HVAC system can end up saving you money instead of costing you money! It is estimated that up to half the energy used in a traditional home goes towards cooling and heating. If your HVAC system is over ten years old, making a smart decision about an upgrade or new installation can. [Read more…]

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