Should You Install Your New Air Conditioner on the Roof or Ground?

Keeping cool is a survival necessity especially in this time of the year. But aside from getting the most efficient A/C, many homeowners also face the dilemma of finding the best place to put them. You have probably noticed some A/C units on the roof or the ground. But if you will to choose locations, here are some factors that you need to consider.


Ground-installed air conditioning units take up more space because of the way they work. For residential areas with limited space, it will be difficult to add landscaping projects because you need to provide proper clearances for your air conditioning unit to function properly. But if you have large spaces, this will not be an issue.

Space is not really a problem for rooftop units since they are mounted on the roof and all parts are held together in a single compartment. Moving your air conditioning units on the roof will give you additional space while making your outdoor environment quitter.

Maintenance and Protection

A roof-mounted air conditioning unit is technically out of sight, so it is really a challenge to remember that it is there. If you are that person who constantly needs to be reminded of the most important responsibilities in your home, rooftop units are not really the best for you.

Ground units on the other hand have higher chances to be damaged by weeds and grasses. Small animals can also find their way inside the device. There are also risks from thrown rocks and kicked soccer balls. Landscaping can also hinder its proper performance.


Your air conditioning system is a valuable investment and they can be really inviting to thieves and vandals. Since thieves are looking for easy opportunities to come and go, rooftop units are safer than that mounted on the ground. Not all trespassers are brave enough to climb those walls but most of them find cracking fences and locks a piece of cake.


Air conditioning systems can sometimes get in the way of your home’s design. Ground-mounted units are easier to camouflage as compared to units in the roof. You can hide it in the bushes and other plants or make it a part of your landscaping project. Just be sure that the flow of air is not hindered.

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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

Are you bothered by the stinky smell in your home? Who isn’t? The reality is, your HVAC units are the culprit for this circumstance most of the time. Here are 5 possible reasons why you are having bad smells in your indoor air.

  1. Failure To Change Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced or cleaned regularly. Depending on the type and design, you may need to do it once every 1-3 months. However, with so many things that keep homeowners busy, they tend to ignore this important maintenance task. Dirty air filters cause different HVAC and indoor air quality problems including bad odors. If not given urgent attention, it can lead to mold and mildew buildup which leads to a very discomforting smell inside your home.

  1. Lack Of Maintenance

Lack of proper tune-up and maintenance can lead to shorter lifespan of your HVAC units. If not a system breakdown, what you are mostly likely to face is tremendously discomforting smells of your indoor air. This is mostly caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust, and sometimes dead animals trapped inside the system. Never forget to schedule maintenance services to keep your unit in shipshape.

  1. Dirty HVAC System

When your heating and cooling unit lacks proper cleaning, it is prone to the so-called “Dirty Socks Syndrome”. All the dirt and dust stuck inside the unit for a long period of time can develop into bad odor. This is then pumped out of your home when your air conditioning unit or furnace operates. HVAC systems need to be checked regularly to ensure that only clean and breathable air comes out of your vents.

  1. Dirty Air Ducts

Aside from dirt, moisture can also find its way to your system’s air duct. This becomes a perfect place for molds and mildew to grow in large populations. The result, your house can become musty and more risky for allergy-sufferers. Do not wait until a member of your family experiences breathing difficulty before considering a professional duct cleaning. This check-up can improve your safety and comfort big time.

  1. Electric And Gas Problems

Sometimes, bad odors are caused by faulty electrical wrings and leaking natural gas. Be sure to examine electrical wrings to prevent accidents and issues with your system’s motor. If your gas is leaking, do not delay system repair to prevent the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Whatever it is that is causing your indoor air to smell bad, the experts at Rhino heating and Air Conditioning know just what to do. Call us now to set up your maintenance or check for needed HVAC repairs.


Why Spring Is The Best Time For A/C Replacement

Savvy homeowners understand that aside from having high quality air conditioning units, you can also get additional savings by having one installed at the right time. But, when is the best time to purchase and install your new A/C? Find out good reasons why you should do this during but not later than the spring season.

Avoids The Summer Rush.

Air conditioning units are designed to combat the heat of summer. But if you are familiar with the market flow, you should get all your A/C concerns done before summer arrives. Purchasing your unit in the spring gives you ample time to choose which is best for your home. You will find better deals and the professionals are readily available to attend to your needs. Before the demand starts to rise along with the temperature, it is good to have your A/C installed completely.

Upfront Cost Saving.

Buying an HVAC unit during the off seasons is a wise choice that only few homeowners know about. During the spring season where only few buyers are looking to purchase and install A/C systems, HVAC companies are offering countless deals to have their product sold, including great discounts and freebies.

Enough Time for Research.

HVAC systems are great investments. Hence, when planning to purchase one, you need plenty of time considering important features of the unit, pricing, installation services etc. Since you do not need your A/C units yet during the spring season, might as well use this time to have a thorough research and find that favorable deal with a qualified HVAC company.

Save Money Over The Summer Months.

Cooling your home can really be expensive; using an out-of-date air conditioning unit makes the situation even worse. Instead of paying too much and expecting mid-summer repairs, look for great deals on HVAC products as early as spring to ensure full-season energy saving while keeping your home comfortable when the temperature starts to rise.

Flexible Installation Options.

Peak seasons like winter and summer leaves HVAC companies out of technicians. If you will wait until summer to have your air conditioning unit installed, you will find yourself cramming in the long hot days. In spring on the other hand, there is no long lead time for installation and you can even set the appointment on your most convenient date.

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Eco-Friendly HVAC In Your Home

Many ways are there to make your HVAC system greener than ever. You have the freedom to switch to heat pumps or fireplace inserts that offer decreased pollution and increased efficiency. Moreover, you can also contact the nearest air conditioning company in Moore, OK for furnace maintenance and repair to make sure that the system in your home is working efficiently.

Since everyone wants to have a more sustainable future, the best choice is to install eco-friendly HVAC in your home for a more reduced usage of energy. However, if you think that is not enough, the lower consumption of the below listed heating HVAC system will definitely help you save huge amount of money on your bills.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

These are efficient combinations of traditional heat pumps and gas furnaces. Blending these two energy-efficient systems allows you to get the benefits of the two in just single equipment. Just like a hybrid vehicle, it turns on the gas furnace when needed in order to supplement the heat pump’s efficiency. Switching the sources lets the system automatically adjust for much better function.

Solar Heating Systems

If you are in search for an eco-friendly hot water heating solution that has low operating costs, solar heating systems may be a great option to consider. This can provide 80% of home’s hot water while allowing you to save on energy costs.

Radiant Floor Heating

Over the past years, radiant heating is one of the most common eco-friendly solutions that have gained popularity among many consumers. The radiant heat mainly functions through circulating the heated water all through the pex tubing in the flooring. It warms the floor while radiating the heat all throughout the space as the warmth coming from the flooring rises.

Geothermal Cooling and Heating

Nothing beats ground source heat pumps as the most efficient cooling and heating options. Not only they are eco-friendly, but inexpensive as well. The ground source heat pumps are indeed a very safe cooling and heating method. It cools home, and in winter when the soil is warm, it heats the liquid. Above all, it can reduce the heating costs for up to 70%.

Consult your local company about heat and air in Moore, OK if you want to learn more about the different energy-efficient options you can choose from for cooling and heating your home. They will provide you nothing but expert advice regarding the specific area. They can also help you choose the best air conditioning in Moore, OK for your unique needs.

Are you now ready to switch into a greener HVAC system? Well, the new energy-efficient systems mentioned above are the right answer you have been searching. You will not only help sustain the environment upon using these options, but also save huge amount of money on your energy costs. Choose yours now!

Rhino Your Air Conditioner May Give You Allergies

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot months. However, your air conditioner does have the unfortunate ability to give you allergies. Rhino heating and air is aware of this, and offers you an explanation why, and what you can do to solve this problem.  Respiratory allergies are common during the spring and summer and children are most susceptible because their immune systems are still a work in progress.

If you live in a newly constructed home, there is a chance there is construction dust in your duct system. Concrete, sawdust and drywall could have left deposits that are being recirculated through your home via your HVAC system. Have your ducts cleaned, or consider installing an allergen filter system which has a continuous running fan that circulates the air. Working with a special filter, the system will remove allergens from the air.

Be sure to stay on top of changing your filter when it is time to help in the fight against allergies.  If your system is not cleaned regularly it can harbor bacteria and fungi which can contribute to allergies. You do not want these micro-organisms becoming air borne. If you notice you return home from work feeling sick, the reason could be the HVAC system in your workplace. While you may not be able to fix or clean the system, you can be sure to do a few things to alleviate the negative experience. Leave your desk and go outside during your breaks to get some fresh air. Close your office vent to re-direct cold air and allow your body temperature to regulate. Consider placing an ion air purifier in your office to clean the air you breathe to prevent allergies. If you have questions on how to eliminate allergies, call us at Rhino heating and air for further advice.

Rhino Common HVAC Technician Mistakes

Hiring an HVAC technician is an important decision, you want to work with a professional who is certified, insured and receives continuing education. When a technician comes to work on your HVAC system in your residence or business, here are a few things to look out for. Be concerned if you notice the technician not examining your whole house or business. The entire square footage should be noted by the technician. This is because every structure is different and will have different heating and cooling needs. So many factors need to be taken into account.

You don’t want to get a system that is too large or small for the space. This will shorten the lifespan of your system and has the possibility of running up your power bills. Don’t allow the technician to be lazy when he or she sizes what HVAC system is needed. A good HVAC technician needs to take insulation and other factors into account. Ventilation is crucially important and it is a mistake for technicians to not look at air circulation and positive and negative air pressure.

If your carbon monoxide alarm goes off, a technician shouldn’t just look for cracks in the heat exchanger, they should also look and test for gas and depressurization. Your technician shouldn’t take carbon monoxide leaks lightly, it is a serious situation and deserves time and attention. If you have any doubts about the technician who performs work on your system, don’t hesitate to reach out to your HVAC company and express your concerns. Rhino heating and air would love the opportunity to send our qualified HVAC technicians to work on whatever job or problem you are experiencing.


Rhino Get a Spring Tune-Up for Your Air Conditioner

Before you know it, spring will be around the corner and warmer days upon us in Moore Oklahoma. Rhino Heating and Air would love to be your first call for a spring tune up on your HVAC system. Be an early bird and don’t wait until summer to have your air conditioning tuned up. You don’t want to wait until a hot day to find out your AC isn’t working or your contractor has a full summer schedule.  Your HVAC system is a hard working machine that shouldn’t be taken for granted. When a spring tune up is performed, your HVAC professional will perform a couple of tasks.

The first one will be a cleanup of your system. The technician will clean all your HVAC components and inspect your filter to see if it needs to be changed. A clean system runs more efficiently. The technician will perform emergency prevention, this basically means a routine inspection of the unit to see if there are any small problems that could potentially become large ones, for example finding a small leak. The outside components will be examined carefully since they are exposed to the elements 24/7. He or she may clean and drain your condensate line and make sure all parts are lubricated and no friction is being caused. The thermostat will be checked to make sure it is working properly and all wiring should be inspected for fraying or lose connections. All fluid levels and pressure levels will be checked. Call us here at Rhino Heating and Air, our spring inspection can lower your power bills and reduce the chance of your HVAC system breaking down.

Rhino Why HVAC Maintenance is so important?

In Moore Oklahoma, we know how the weather can fluctuate and we depend on our HVAC system to keep us comfortable. This is why HVAC maintenance is so important. Our HVAC system is normally one of the largest household purchases we make and the most expensive to repair, therefore maintenance can have some positive effects when it comes to the longevity of your system. It can be easy to take your HVAC system for granted, but you will notice if it stops working! Anything mechanical needs to have preventative maintenance performed on it because it will be subject to repairs and breakdowns.

If small problems are found during a routine inspection, then hopefully they will not become large problems. Some consumers question the cost of annual maintenance, but it is worth the expenditure. A tuned system will give you lower energy bills, increase the life of your system, allow it to work to its full potential and lower the chance of a disastrous problem occurring. More importantly, maintenance can prevent some issues that can potentially lead to health risks or danger for your family. For example, a furnace with a crack in the heat exchanger could allow dangerous carbon monoxide gas to escape. Short circuiting of any type can become a fire hazard. Maintenance can catch these issues and ensure your HVAC system isn’t a risk to your household. Call Rhino heating and air conditioning and schedule a maintenance inspection today!

Rhino Furnace Tune-up

The life of your furnace will be extended if you have preventative maintenance performed once or twice a year. This will make sure it is running efficiently and catch small problems before they become large ones be ensuring all elements are in good working order. Throughout the year, regular cleanings are a positive idea. Your HVAC Company may offer discounts and special packages to service your furnace throughout the year at a reasonable price.

When your technician comes out, there are a couple of tasks that should be performed during the tune up. The first is a full overall inspection, with the technician looking over all working parts of the furnace and duct system. The idea is to look for excessive wear and tear. At the same time, proper lubrication should be applied to all operating parts to prevent friction.

If necessary the pilots and gas pressure may need adjusting to return them to the manufacturer recommended specifications. A standard filter replacement should be done (something you should be doing throughout the year).  At the end of the service, ask for everything that was done to be written up so you can place it in your records. Ask the technician what can be done to care for your furnace throughout the year and help keep your power bills down. Following these tips will help ensure your family doesn’t have to deal with a cold house this winter!

Rhino What does HVAC certified mean?

For a HVAC company to state their technicians are HVAC certified, the technicians have to undergo specific training and then have that knowledge tested through a standardized exam. There are different organizations that perform this testing. NATE (North American Technical Excellence) is the largest one. It is not a legal requirement to be NATE certified, but it validates a technician’s knowledge. This organization began in 1997 with the goal of standardizing skills and testing.

Certifications can be obtained in installation and equipment servicing. If a class is taken in refrigeration, then a technician will achieve the recognition of HVAC-R. Exams can be taken in the areas of A/C, Air distribution, Oil Furnaces, Gas Furnaces, Ground source heat pump installation and Senior efficiency analyst among others.

When a technician can show you he or she has been NATE certified you can feel confident about their skills. There are many online certification courses a HVAC technician can take, but the question is, are they accredited? If they are not accredited, the certification can hold little value.

To make sure you are receiving the best service, insist on doing business with a company that only hires certified technicians, or can show proof of continuing education for their technicians. As a side note, make sure the technicians who perform work on your residence or business are insured, licensed and bonded. If you question the status of a license, you can contact your states professional licensing department to make sure a license is valid and up to date.

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