Furnace Filters 101: How to Pick the Right Furnace Filter

Choosing the right furnace filter is like choosing a pair of shoes in the store. What you pick should fit right and able to give the quality you need. However, furnace filters are among those components many homeowners overlook. Little do they know that finding the right one is necessary to obtain efficiency, performance, and overall comfort. So whether you are planning to buy a new filter or just want to learn more about proper filter selection, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the steps that will make choosing the right furnace filter an easy task.

Know Your Furnace Unit First

Before going anywhere to shop for filters, it is important that you know the basic information of your unit like its make and model. Take note that every heating system is completely different from one another, meaning they have different parts and needs. Also, know the exact size of your filter before going to an HVAC store. All this information will help you identify which filter will work best for your unit.

Know If You Have Specific Medical Requirements At Home

If one of your family members suffer from allergies, asthma, or upper respiratory condition, it is best to get a filter with a high level of filtration. Talk to your trusted HVAC company to discuss this or check for filters that provide this kind of performance to keep everyone safe from any health issues.

Know the Types of Furnace Filters

Originally designed to keep the unit’s parts protected, modern filters can help improve the quality of your indoor air and cut down your energy bills. The following are four types of modern filters:

  • Disposable Fiberglass

These filters are affordable, effective in removing dust, lint, and larger debris, and good for those who do not have the particular medical condition.

  • Disposable Pleated

Not only that disposable pleated filters are affordable but they are also as efficient as the fiberglass type. Pleated filters effectively trap tiny particles while adding efficiency to the airflow of your furnace.

  • Disposable Electrostatic

Disposable electrostatic filters are good at attracting and trapping tiny particles, which make them great for homes with pets, smokers, and children.

  • Permanent Electrostatic

These filters can work like disposable filters, but the main difference is that they are reusable. Just wash them, get them dry and use again.

By knowing the essential things needed in buying the right furnace filter, you can effectively get the performance and efficiency you required from it. But if picking the right one seems so hard, Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning will help you in the process. Call us so we can inspect your unit and find the right filter for it.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Furnace?

Your furnace at home does not last a lifetime! But how would you know that its retirement day has arrived? Unfortunately, most homeowners in Oklahoma City, OK can not tell. Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning has some industry insights that can help you make a better decision whether to repair or replace your furnace. Here are the factors you should keep in mind.

  • The Age of Your Unit

The main factor to consider is the age of your unit. Ideally, furnaces that receive routine inspection last from 15 to 20 years. Begin shopping for a new furnace if your existing heating is about to reach the end of its lifespan. But if it is ten years or less, repair can be your cost-effective solution. Call an HVAC expert if you frequently encounter issues for furnaces that are just ten years old or less.

  • Repair Frequency

If the cost of all repairs is lower than ⅓ of the price of a new furnace unit, then repair is the best way to go. But if your unit has to undergo costly repairs that are amounting to 50% of the new unit’s price, then it is the time to opt for replacement. Consult an HVAC contractor to discuss this matter.

  • Unusual Furnace Noises

Noises are normally heard when your furnace is turned on, but if you hear unnecessary sounds that are no longer part of the operation, there is something in your unit that needs your attention. Old furnaces can work harder and cause banging, rattling and popping sounds. Also, units with motor problems can create strange noises. Contact an expert if repair or replacement is needed.

  • High Energy Bills

Old or unmaintained furnaces can work twice as hard as new units to yield the same amount of indoor heat. If you notice your bill increases even without increasing your monthly usage, your unit is undergoing a certain issue. Make sure to call an expert to identify the problem and discuss whether you need a repair or replacement for the issue.

Professional Furnace Replacement and Repair in Oklahoma, OK

It is hard to determine if your furnace merely needs a repair or has to upgrade to a new efficient model. With that, you will need an expert skill to help you decide. Here at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning, we do more than just expert decision-making. We can even help repair faulty furnaces or replace the old unit through expert installation. Set your appointment with us now!

Is HVAC Service Agreement Right For You?

The answer to the question why your car needs a tune-up is generally the same when someone asked you why your HVAC system needs annual maintenance. Your system has complex parts that require periodic maintenance and service to keep it running in top condition. Your HVAC company can offer a service agreement or contract that will help you save money, make your unit run as efficient as possible, give you discounts on service calls, and offer you priority treatment during your emergencies.

If you plan to get an HVAC service agreement for your system, this guide can help you understand what it is about and will let you decide whether it is right for you or not.

What Are The Basic Services Included In An HVAC Service Contract?

Ideally, an HVAC service agreement comes with two annual inspections, and homeowners can customize the services to fit their needs. Each inspection can include:

  • Cleaning. Cleaning the burner assembly, ignition assembly, heat exchange and elements, standard air filters, blower components, evaporator coil, condenser coil and drains, and the outside unit
  • Monitoring. Monitoring the flue draft, refrigerant pressure, and checking the air quality
  • Testing. Testing the starter capacity, safety controls, and duct work
  • Measuring. Measuring the amps and volts, temperature difference, and current airflow
  • Adjusting. Adjusting the burner assembly, blower components, and thermostat calibration

The agreements also offer its members discounts on special services and accessories. The price will be based on how many tune-ups are done each year. Typically, the cost of an HVAC service contract is lesser than the cost you are going to pay for two maintenance that are scheduled individually.

Is HVAC Service Contract Right For You?

So, how will you know if an HVAC service contract is really for you? Primarily, you need to make decisions on the number of routine maintenance to be performed. Next, look at how much you are willing to spend on a repair cost.

See if your unit is still covered with warranty or when you frequently receive giant energy bills.  These two factors should be considered first before you frame a budget to be spent on the agreement. But if you have an older unit that is about to reach the end of its lifespan, it is best to replace it with a new one. Although the service contract can address and resolve the hidden issues of aging units, it is almost impossible for the unit to work effectively and efficiently.

Not Sure About HVAC Service Agreements? Call Us!

By considering the points we mentioned, you can eventually make better decisions if an HVAC service contract is right for you. But if you are still undecided and want to learn more about the agreement, Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning is here to assist you and offer you a contract that fits both your system needs and budget. Call us today!

Expert Tips For A Successful A/C Installation

Is your previous A/C installation giving you haunting regrets because of a lousy job? Did that expensive investment suddenly go to nothing? Don’t worry! We have your back now. If you are planning to buy a new air conditioning unit or already have one in the package, you have to make sure that everything in the installation works well.

Here are expert tips for a successful A/C installation:

Work with Professional Installers

Though you have a little knowledge about A/C installation, it is still not enough to get the job done correctly. The solution is to call professional installers to handle the work. A/C is a complex system that has to be installed and configured by trained and qualified experts. Professional installers who understand your comfort equipment will expertly adjust your system in accordance to space requirement and manufacturer’s specification.

Do Not Install an Incorrectly-Sized Unit

Your primary consideration when buying a new A/C unit is the size of your home and the number of people using the room. Determine the space you want to cool down and the power needed for it. The area of your room needs to match the BTU value and capacity of your air conditioner. Experts recommended that for a fifty-meter square space, you should use 2000 BTU cooling capacity. This might sound overwhelming to you, but do not worry. We can help you along the way, from choosing the best options to the installation process.

Always Ask for Rough Estimate

After purchasing your air conditioner, contact Rhino Heating & Air to ask for a quote. During the call, our A/C installer will give an estimated installation fee, so you will know how much the service potentially cost. The price may vary depending on the size and number of your unit, the amount of work to be done, your location, and other factors. Don’t worry because everything you need to know will be discussed and given attention by our representative.

Install Your Air Conditioning in a Good Spot

Your A/C’s location has something to do with the energy efficiency of the unit. Other homeowners think that placing their large HVAC unit at the corner of the house might seem convenient. But this placement forces your unit to work harder. We suggest installing the unit in shady areas, instead. Direct sunlight might force your unit to consume more energy to cool down your home.

Air conditioning is as important as other expensive appliances at home. Therefore, proper and correct installation is necessary so that you can enjoy the benefits of this investment. Rhino Heating & Air can handle your A/C installation requirement, be it big or small. Talk to us today!

What Should You Do For An Uneven Cooling Issue?

Uneven cooling happens all the time when summer season strikes and it is truly challenging to keep comfortable inside. So what should be done when there are hot and cold areas in your home? Check these expert tips from the professionals at Rhino heating and Air Conditioning!

  • Redirect the Air

Check the registers and vents for obstructions like dust, dirt, and furniture. These are the top hindrances for proper cooling. But if everything is cleaned and cleared, but there are still hot and cold spots, close some vents partially to redirect the flow of air to the hotter areas. Do not try to close them completely for it can damage your HVAC system.

  • Set the Fan to “ON”

Setting the fan to ON instead of the usual AUTO mode helps in maintaining and circulating the needed cool air in the different parts of your home. With this, the fan will keep on operating even when the desired cooling is obtained, and the cycle is finished. This is a helpful tip for very large areas with great cooling demands.

  • Seal Duct Leaks

What do you expect from a leaky ductwork? Of course, wasted dollars and poor comfort. When your duct is filled with holes and scratches, it allows the cool air to leak out instead of flowing straight to your home. That’s why you feel uneven and insufficient cooling inside. Additionally, this can put great stress on your system, so aside from the money you will be spending on your cooling cost, you might need to spend on system repairs as well.

  • Improve your Home Insulation

Especially in the attic! When there is poor attic insulation, the room upstairs becomes hotter, and no matter how much you run your unit, you still will not get sufficient cooling in your home. With proper insulation, cold air continuously circulates inside. There are different types of insulation, so you better choose the one that matches your home’s design.

  • Zone your Home

Uneven cooling is a common issue for very big houses since the A/C unit finds it hard to meet the cooling demands, especially in the remote areas. So for better comfort, a zoning system can help. Aside from having a comfortable temperature in each zone, you can also manage the setting to control the temperature especially in the parts which are not occupied. This can boost your savings big time!

If you need help in fixing the uneven cooling issue in your Moore, OK home, call our experts at Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning today!


Why Is My Thermostat Acting Weird?

It doesn’t matter if you have an old manually operated thermostat or a programmable one with state-of-the-art features; you know how frustrating it is when your thermostat acts weird. Have you thought about why you are experiencing this problem in the first place? Well, it is time to weigh everything out and find the best fixes for a tricky thermostat.

Here are expert explanations and solutions from the professionals at Rhino Heating and Air.

  • Batteries Need Replacement

Many thermostats are battery-operated, and once the batteries run out, the entire thermostat operation will be affected. Before looking into the most complex parts of your system, be sure to check if the batteries need to be replaced. Sometimes it only takes a replacement to fix the situation.

  • Faulty Connections

Loose and worn-out wires can also be the reason why you are experiencing thermostat issues in your home. Faulty connections can cut off the power source to the thermostat and cause an interruption in its normal operation. Be sure to call on professional help if you see loose wires sticking out of the device.

  • Dirt Accumulation

Dust and dirt can also settle in your thermostat and hinder its proper operation. Just like all other devices, thermostats also need regular cleaning to remove dust and dirt buildup that can disrupt the proper setup of the inner components.

  • Location

An important consideration when installing a thermostat is the location. The function of the thermostat is affected when it is placed in the wrong area of the house such as near a window or doorway where the temperature is draftier. It is also not good to install thermostats in areas directly hit by sunlight or near heat-generating devices like televisions. If this happens, your thermostat will think the house is too hot or too cold, thus needs a temperature adjustment.

  • Defective Thermostat Screen

If the thermostat screen will not turn on or is working only part of the time, the performance of your heating and cooling system is compromised. Sometimes it only needs a factory reset to fix the issue. There are times; however, that defective thermostat screen is a sign of a broken thermostat. With this, you will need to replace the device.

For quality thermostat services in your Moore, OK home, feel free to call Rhino Heating and Air. We can diagnose and fix your thermostat issues fast and right.

Ductless VS Central Air Conditioners – How to Decide

It’s a sad fact that heating and cooling in Moore, OK takes up almost 50% of the entire household’s energy consumption. That is why in purchasing an air conditioning unit for your home, you need to choose the one that’s efficient and effective in keeping your comfort and savings. Many homeowners consider two types of A/C units for their home, a ductless A/C and a central A/C. So, which is really the right product to choose? Well, check out these facts and figures to help you decide.

Upfront Cost

The upfront cost of a ductless air conditioning unit is higher than that of the central A/C. But, if your home does not have existing ductwork or the existing one need to be replaced, you will save more with a ductless air conditioner. Ductless systems cost less to install “from scratch” and gives a lesser construction mess. If your home has ductwork, you can opt for a central A/C and hire a professional technician to clean, inspect and seal the old ductwork to save money.


Installing a central air conditioning unit takes much longer time than that of a ductless system. Without existing ductwork, it may take more than a week to finish the process. Additionally, there is a greater construction mess that comes along with a central A/C installation. There are parts of the walls and ceilings that need to be torn down and then make a repair after the process.

In a ductless system, installation only takes a day or two since all parts are held together. Installers need to drill a hole in the wall for the tubes and channels which connect the outdoor and indoor units. You do not have to pay as much labor in installing a ductless system as that of the central A/C, and you can get back to your normal schedule sooner.


Routine maintenance is important regardless of what kind of unit you choose. But the service is easier with ductless systems because of the absence of ductwork. Additionally, you do not have to pay additional charges for duct cleaning and insulation. But, between the two, you can enjoy longer warranties with a central air conditioning unit.

Are you planning to buy a new A/C unit? Let our professionals help you decide which one will best fit your home. Call Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning today!

How Can I Tell if My Air Ducts Are Leaking?

Don’t you know that leaking ducts are one of the major causes of wasted energy in your home? Here is a sad fact; many homeowners lose a big amount of money annually because of air leakage in the ductwork. And, they do not even know it is happening!

So how do you tell if your air ducts are leaking? Well, here are the signs to take note:

High Utility Bills in Summer and Winter

Ever wonder why your home is not cooling or heating, but your energy bill is drastically increasing? Something is probably wrong with your HVAC system and most of the time; the culprit lies in a leaky duct. This makes your system work twice as hard to reach the temperature set in your thermostat. As a result, you will be paying a high energy bill at the end of the month.

Decreased Comfort

It is difficult to heat or cool a room with leaky ducts. It is like holding a punctured bucket filled with water, and by the time you reach your destination, not enough water is left. When your ducts have leaks, holes, and cracks, you are losing heated or cooled air which leads to poor air flow in the vents. This is the reason why you have insufficient comfort in the room.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your heating and cooling systems run with a leaky duct, all the dust, dirt and harmful particles in the attic and crawl spaces are all sucked up and blown inside your home. What’s worse than having poor indoor air quality in the summer and winter where you have to spend most of your time inside? This is truly a big discomfort and can lead to many health problems like allergies and breathing difficulties.

What to Do With Duct Leaks

The best thing that you can do to solve the issue of leaky ducts is to call a professional technician and have your system diagnosed. There are available “do-it-yourself” tricks that you can use to solve the problem, but they do not guarantee accurate and reliable results. This can lead you to even more expensive services in the future.

With the professional inspection and duct sealing service done by the Rhino Heat and Air experts, you are assured with a complete and professional solution for this inconvenience. Schedule an appointment with us today!


Keeping the Home Dust-Free in Summer

Even in summer, your home is not safe from dust and air contaminants. There are many sources of these unwanted particles, and your HVAC system can be one of them. To prevent dangers from coming in, here are some important things that you can do to make your indoor atmosphere as dust-free as possible.

Get a Trusty Vacuum Cleaner

Dust-free indoor air is crucial to you and your family’s well-being. One way to keep indoors clear of dust is through regular cleaning and vacuuming. The vacuum sucks dirt and dust from your floors, rugs, and furniture regularly to remove dust and other unwanted particles such as pet hair and dander.

For better results, invest in newer versions of vacuum cleaners. They are more efficient in removing even the smallest dust and unwanted particles in the air as compared to older ones. If you are planning to replace your old vacuum, you can opt for the one with a HEPA filter. This can trap almost all kinds of allergens in your home.

Schedule a Regular Maintenance Check

You will be using your air conditioning unit for the entire summer season. However, aside from giving cool comfort inside your home, your unit can also contribute to poor indoor air quality due to dust particles. How is this possible? Well, it only happens when your A/C lacks proper maintenance.

HVAC maintenance includes replacing air filters (if necessary) and cleaning your entire system. Dirty A/C units blow in dust and dirt particles in your home.  Dirty filters even make it worse as they weren’t able to trap the dust rather; they contribute to keeping it airborne. With regular HVAC maintenance service from your trusted professional technician, your units are well taken care of, and so is your indoor air quality.

Install a Whole-Home Air Purification System

If someone in your house is strongly allergic to dust and other allergens, a mere vacuum cleaning won’t be enough. You probably need to invest in a whole-home purification system. It traps dust, dirt and other allergy-causing particles out of the air column and prevents them from reaching the surfaces. This is an effective strategy to keep the air inside your home healthy and breathable for the entire family.

If it is poor indoor air quality due to dust and allergens that’s troubling you, you have one HVAC company to call. Rhino Heating and Air Conditioning has indoor air quality resources and experts that will help maintain your comfort in the long summer months. Call us today to schedule a service!

Benefits of Ultraviolet Lights During A/C Season

The season for air conditioning units has arrived. Have you thought of ways to keep your A/C clean and your home safe and healthy? Well, here is a better idea. Try installing ultraviolet lights in your air conditioning system. They are best in keeping your indoor air quality high for better comfort. Additionally, they are low maintenance and only need a small amount of energy to operate.

How UV Lights Work

You have already been told that the indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than the outside air and this can be pretty alarming. It is because aside from the dirt and dust, bacteria and viruses also circulate through it. With UV lights in your air conditioning system, you can prevent these harmful microorganisms and other irritants from taking over the air you breathe inside your home. The lights break them down and kill them as they pass through.

You can use two types of UV light for your HVAC system. A stick-type UV light is responsible for cleaning the air handler coil and is placed in the return air ducts. Another one is placed near the blower and is responsible for cleaning the moving air. Using them together will truly improve the air you breathe inside.

Benefits of UV Light

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

UV lights help in controlling the growth of contaminants in the air such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. By emitting harmless ultraviolet lights, it kills existing microbes and prevents them from multiplying and spreading inside your home or commercial place. Using this technology is a great help in keeping the air healthy and safe for anyone who stays inside.

  • Improves Air Conditioner’s Cooling Efficiency

We all know that mold buildup is extremely dangerous to your HVAC system. If left untreated, mold can gather in the layers of the evaporator coils. It can affect the proper functions of your system and will allow the unit to consume more energy to give your home the proper cooling it needs. Ultraviolet lights get rid of these molds to keep your unit running in optimum performance.

Nothing beats a comfortable home this summer season. And to have one, you need a properly functioning HVAC system and a clean and breathable indoor air. All of which are possible by installing an Ultraviolet light in your unit.

What are you waiting for? Call the professionals at Rhino Heating and Air today and have your first UV light installed!

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