General Heating System Maintenance Tips for Winter

The deep freeze is officially here in OKC. Is your heating system working properly and still as efficient as it was last year? If NO, then maybe there is something you missed doing with your unit. Our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning bring together these smart tips to guide you towards effective heating system maintenance this winter.

Thing You Can Do Yourself

  1. Replace your air filter regularly. Check, clean and change your air filter at least once every three months or as needed to avoid damaging the internal components of the unit, increasing your monthly energy cost, and experiencing poor indoor air quality.
  2. Clean your heat exchanger. To maintain the right heating level, clean your heat exchanger and remove the corrosion, dirt, and soot from your system.
  3. Check for obstructions. To help your unit work properly, make sure that your air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators are not blocked. This can help the air to flow freely and circulate around your home.
  4. Check your thermostat. If the heat fails to kick in, do not fret. Try checking your thermostat, instead. Do a thermostat test to see if it is really the root of the problem. Set it to 80 degrees only for testing purposes and if there’s still no heat, it is time to call the experts.
  5. Check your ductwork. Check your ducts and pipes to make sure they are sealed properly.

Things You Should Leave to the Professionals

  1. Examine Electrical Connections. This job includes examining the electrical terminals, tightening connections, and applying a non-conductive
  2. Inspect the Vital Components of the System. Fire may occur and your unit might run inefficiently if its vital parts are damaged. To avoid this, your technician ensures all oil or gas connections, burner combustion, heat exchangers, and gas pressure are working properly.
  3. Give Motors Proper Lubrication. Friction can occur if your unit’s components lack lubrication. It can also increase the amount of energy you used every month and damage the parts of your unit.
  4. Remove Blockages. Professionals can do a complete inspection of your filters, ducts, indoor coils, and blowers for dirt and other obstructions.
  5. Do Necessary Repair and Replacement. If there are parts needed to be repaired or replaced, no one else could do the job better than professionals. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to get the job done on time.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your heating system works efficiently and properly throughout the winter months. If you need a professional diagnosis for your heating system, call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning.

Is HVAC Service Agreement Right For You?

The answer to the question why your car needs a tune-up is generally the same when someone ask you why your air conditioning in Moore, OK needs annual maintenance. Your system has complex parts that require periodic maintenance and service to keep it running in top condition.

A service agreement or contract saves you from stress. It helps you save money, makes your unit run efficiently, gives you discounts on service calls, and offers you priority treatment during your emergencies.

Continue reading to understand what a service agreement is all about and know if it is right for you or not.

What Are The Basic Services Included In An HVAC Service Contract?

Ideally, an HVAC service agreement comes with two annual inspections, and homeowners can customize the services to fit their needs. Each inspection can include:

  • Cleaning. Cleaning the burner assembly, ignition assembly, heat exchange and elements, standard air filters, blower components, evaporator coil, condenser coil and drains, and the outside unit of your air conditioning in Moore, OK.
  • Monitoring. Monitoring the flue draft, refrigerant pressure, and checking the air quality.
  • Testing. Testing the starter capacity, safety controls, and duct work
  • Measuring. Measuring the amps and volts, temperature difference, and current airflow
  • Adjusting. Adjusting the burner assembly, blower components, and thermostat calibration

The agreements also offer its members discounts on special services and accessories. The price will be based on how many tune-ups are done each year. Typically, the cost of an HVAC service contract is lesser than the cost you are going to pay for two maintenance that are scheduled individually.

Is HVAC Service Contract Right For You?

So, how will you know if an HVAC service contract is really for you and your air conditioning in Moore, OK? Primarily, you need to make decisions on the number of routine maintenance to be performed. Next, look at how much you are willing to spend on a repair cost.

See if your unit is still covered with warranty or when you frequently receive giant energy bills.  These two factors should be considered first before you frame a budget for the agreement. But if you have an older unit that is about to reach the end of its lifespan, it is best to replace it with a new one. Although the service contract can address and resolve the hidden issues of aging units, it is almost impossible for the unit to work effectively and efficiently.

Not Sure About HVAC Service Agreements? Call Us!

By considering the points we mentioned, you can eventually make better decisions if an HVAC service contract is right for you and your air conditioning in Moore, OK. But if you are still undecided and want to learn more about the agreement, Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning is here to assist you and offer you a contract that fits both your system needs and budget. Call us today!

Advantages of Using Geothermal HVAC Systems

Did you know that geothermal energy can efficiently and safely cool your OKC home without hurting the environment? The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recognized geothermal energy as the most environmentally safe cooling option available today.

Continue reading below to know why!

Eco-Friendly Option

Carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases emitted by traditional cooling systems are the leading sources of indoor air pollution. Continuous exposure to these harmful gases can pose health threats to you and your family. Using geothermal cooling systems not only helps reduce your carbon footprint, but also protects the environment and your health at the same time.

Low Operational Cost

Geothermal HVAC systems have 400% efficiency rating, which means they consume much less energy than standard units. They don’t burn any fuels to create and transfer the air. Instead, they draw energy from the ground and naturally cool your home without the added costs. Additionally, the system doesn’t require frequent maintenance, such as regular filter replacement and annual inspection.

Quiet Operation

While it is true that geothermal HVAC systems are installed indoors, they don’t create any disturbing noise like the ones that annoy you when running a conventional A/C. Also, they don’t require any outdoor condensing unit to work. You will more likely get a better night’s sleep.

Long Service Life

Geothermal HVAC systems are expected to last for several decades. They are durable and installed indoors. All components, including compressor, motor, fan, and others are safely operating in a safe environment and are not exposed to any weather-related outdoor elements. Even better, the system’s ground loop buried in the yard typically comes with a 50-year warranty.

Better Comfort

The comfort in your home isn’t just about achieving optimum cooling, but also making sure that your indoor air is healthy and fresh. A geothermal HVAC system in OKC offers air purification and humidifying solutions to improve the quality of the air you breathe. Consider investing in this unit, especially if you have a family member suffering from asthma or allergy.

Safe to Use

You don’t need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning with a geothermal system. The unit doesn’t use flammable fossil fuels to operate. Instead, it harnesses the heat energy (renewable energy) from the Earth’s core to provide comfort to your home, making it the safest cooling option available in the market today.

A geothermal HVAC system might be the best option if you’re an eco-friendly homeowner in OKC. Contact Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning to know more about geothermal HVAC systems or if you’re looking to install one for your home.

How to Beat Summer Allergies in OKC?

According to the data published on the website of American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI), allergies are the leading cause of chronic illnesses in the United States, affecting more than 50 million people each year. The dirty truth about allergies is that they can become more rampant during the summer season.

Avoid the allergy triggers by following these solutions for your OKC home this summer:

Install a HEPA Filter

All HVAC systems have air filters that help prevent the allergy-causing bacteria from going inside your home. These standard air filters do a big help, but if you are looking for the best upgrade, then consider investing in HEPA filters. These filters trap even the tiniest airborne pollutants, including spores, pollen, smoke, dust, and more. Contact your local air conditioning company in OKC to learn more.

Replace Your Filters Regularly

Whether you are using a standard air filter or HEPA filter in your air conditioning system, a regular replacement should be done to keep all airborne contaminants at bay and make your home more breathable. As your filter traps dust and debris, they become clogged over time, which might reduce their ability to do their job. Be sure to replace them at least once a month for healthier IAQ.

Schedule a Duct Inspection and Cleaning

Your air duct can also collect dust, pollen, mites, and other pollutants that can trigger allergies. They can be blown inside your home and circulated there for the whole time. Keep your duct work system spotless by scheduling a duct inspection and cleaning with your air conditioning company in OKC. The service can also spot the cracks that cause the conditioned air to leak and increase your energy consumption.

Install Indoor Air Quality Products

If you are looking for a more effective and faster way to clean your indoor air and make it more comfortable for everyone, then investing in IAQ products is the best way to go. IAQ products such as air cleaners, humidifiers, ventilators, and more are designed to naturally keep your indoor air clean, fresh, and breathable. While they don’t cure allergies, they did a great job in keeping all allergy-causing elements away.

Although runny nose and red teary eyes are not enough to ruin the summer fun, allergies this season can gift you with something more than you have bargained for. Be sure to follow the steps above and call Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning for expert IAQ solutions. We can help keep summer allergies at bay!

Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioning Unit in OKC

The cost of a new A/C is enough to consume a large portion of your savings. With this big investment, it makes it crucial for you to make the right decision and pick the unit that you can depend on for years to come.

Here are helpful tips for buying a new air conditioning unit in OKC.

Plan Ahead of Time

The first step toward making your A/C purchase a success is to plan ahead. Buying a new A/C will become much easier for you if you get everything ready. Have a list of A/C companies and compare their services and rates. Check your budget as well. If your unit needs a replacement and you have a tight budget, you can opt for financing options offered by your chosen HVAC contractor.

Don’t Be Tempted by Costs

It can be tempting to buy an A/C new unit in OKC that is offered at a low price. With your goal to save money, you may opt to buy cheaper units without looking at its specs. Make sure you know what you are getting and don’t just go with the price. Talk with A/C pros to know what brands are efficient and best to buy.

Opt for Trusted Brands

The leading A/C name in the industry like Bryant are the ones you can depend on when it comes to cooling your home. Their units often come with a warranty (for labor and parts) that will save you from costly repairs. You are also guaranteed with quality and efficiency by opting for trusted A/C brands.

Get the Right Size

When it comes to air conditioners, bigger is not always better. Big energy consumption, a larger unit tends to short cycle when it meets your home’s cooling demand, affecting its overall performance and the comfort in your home. Make the right choice by contacting your air conditioning company in OKC to perform a load calculation and find the size of unit for your home.

Buy a Highly-Efficient Unit

Homeowners are required to use an A/C with 14 SEER rating or higher as they tend to consume less energy, and consequently, save you money on your energy bills. Buying these units may seem like another expense, but you will thank yourself later with the savings you get from it.

Don’t Forget Your Programmable Thermostat

When buying a new A/C, don’t forget to buy your new programmable thermostat as well, especially when your current thermostat is old. Using a new programmable thermostat will not only regulate your indoor temperature better but will also save you energy with efficient operation.

Do you have family members and friends who are planning to buy a new A/C in OKC? Share these helpful tips or contact us at Rhino Heating & Air to learn more.

Does a Heat Pump Cool My OKC Home in Summer?

A heat pump to cool your OKC home? Yes, that is possible! Don’t get fooled by its name, as heat pumps can keep your home cool this scorching summer season. If you are one of the homeowners who believe that heat pumps work poorly in hot months, our experts at Rhino Heating & Air will debunk this myth… so keep reading.

Are Heat Pumps Efficient?

When it comes to cooling cost, heat pumps also work the same with standard air conditioners. With proper maintenance, they can work as efficient as central A/Cs, providing optimum cooling in your home without the added cost. Heat pumps with 13 SEER, can consume the same amount of energy as the standard A/C with an equal rating.

How Do Heat Pumps Work in Summer?

While heat pumps work perfectly in the winter season, it also provides efficient cooling in the summer when running in reverse. It will find the heat in the surface of your home, absorb it, and release outside to leave you with a comfortable living environment. The unit is not concerned with the level of heat outside; its main concern is the heat that it sensed inside. It doesn’t generate cool air or need cold air to operate. It simply reduces the existing heat inside your home and keeps the temperature low and comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Heat Pump?

Using a heat pump in your OKC home can offer multiple benefits.

First, you will use the same system to cool and heat your home in winter and summer. No need to install a separate heating and cooling unit for each season. Second, heat pumps let you save up to 40% of energy when it is in heating mode in winter. Third, most modern heat pumps are designed with high-efficiency rating, allowing you to save on your monthly and annual energy costs. Fourth, heat pumps don’t directly use combustion to generate heat, meaning they don’t emit carbon in the air.

Heat pumps bring a lot of benefits both to your comfort and savings. Talk to our pros to know more.

Does a Heat Pump Require Maintenance?

Just like other equipment you have at home, your heat pump also requires regular maintenance to operate in peak performance all year round. Some of the maintenance it requires includes inspection and cleaning of condenser coils, lubrication of moving parts, replacement of filters, inspection of condensate pan and drain, and more.

Should you need more bits of information about heat pumps or maintenance service for your existing unit, contact us at Rhino Heating & Air.

Reasons to Install a Ductless System in Your OKC Home

If you are looking for an effective and efficient way to cool your OKC home, then consider installing a ductless air conditioning system. From easy installation and quiet operation to improve comfort, a ductless system can offer unlimited benefits that you can’t resist.

Here are some of the reasons to install a ductless system in your OKC home:

Improved Comfort

If you have a larger home and need to control the overall temperature throughout, then a ductless system in OKC can be a real lifesaver. Conventional cooling systems only offer a single-temperature environment, while ductless systems allow you to set different temperatures in different rooms, providing improved comfort for each family member with varying comfort preferences.

Efficient Cooling

Looking to slash your utility bills each month? Installing a ductless system in your home is the best way to go, as it helps save energy by up to 30%. Low energy consumption means low energy cost. Besides efficient cooling, using a ductless system in your home can also help protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

No Ductwork Needed

Worrying about leaky or dirty duct that causes your bill to rise? Then switch to a ductless A/C system and enjoy a duct-free, efficient cooling. Ductless air conditioners are designed for homes without ducts or for homeowners who prefer a duct-free cooling. We all know that duct maintenance can be expensive, so switching to a ductless system can be a wise move.

Easy and Fast Installation

Your HVAC contractor in OKC can install this unit in just one day without any extensive work involved. Also, you don’t need to do major modifications on your ceilings, walls, and floors like the ones done for conventional A/C installation. While the installation sounds simple, it is still important to contact the pros to strategically place the outdoor and indoor units and make the process a lot easier and faster.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Ductless air conditioning systems come with multi-stage filtration to help reduce pollen, bacteria, allergens, dust, and other harmful airborne contaminants in the air you breathe. And since there’s no ductwork involved in the air circulation process, the outside contaminants are also prevented from lurking inside your home.

Ductless air conditioning systems can be a win-win solution if you are looking for a better way to cool your home. But before you opt to switch to a duct-free cooling, be sure to contact us at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning first. We can help assess your home’s current condition and your cooling requirement before starting the installation process.

Why Should You Hire a Licensed HVAC Contractor in OKC?

As a homeowner, saving money is your priority, and it can be tempting when someone offers you services for a very cheap rate. But when it comes to your HVAC equipment in OKC, you should not just focus on the cost, but the quality of the service as well. Hiring a licensed technician can save your day!

Here’s why you should hire a licensed HVAC contractor in OKC:

  1. Long Years of Experience

Whatever you need, be it an installation, repair, or maintenance of your comfort system, experienced HVAC contractors will make sure that everything goes well. You can depend on their experience for all your heating and cooling needs. Rest assured that with experienced and licensed professionals, you will receive exceptional services with excellent results.

  1. Bonded and Insured Professionals

This might sound unimportant for average homeowners, but if you are wise enough, hiring a bonded and insured technician can make a big difference. It helps protect you and your property from unfortunate events as the project goes on. This means that you don’t have to worry about any expenses when something terrible happens to your property or the technician.

  1. Knowledge about HVAC Models and Installations

You can have peace of mind knowing that only knowledgeable people are tackling your HVAC needs at home. Licensed technicians know what type of HVAC system fits your home well. This is important since each model typically comes with different features and unique installation approach. So before you buy and install a new unit, call the experts for a home evaluation and load calculation.

  1. Up-to-Date on Building Codes, Regulations, and Rules

Licensed HVAC contractors know when permits are needed for projects and can guarantee that all works remain compliant with the building codes in OKC and surrounding areas. This may sound insignificant to you right now, but it is essential if you decide to put up your property for sale in the future.

  1. Service Warranty

Many homeowners are left in bad situations when their HVAC systems break down, and there’s no warranty for the job performed. Generally, this is the consequence of hiring unlicensed contractors. Getting professional heating and cooling contractors in OKC will save you from this. They will be accountable for everything they did and ensure to give you 100% satisfaction.

Don’t leave your family sweating these hot months! Contact the licensed HVAC contractors in OKC for expert repair and services. Our pros at Rhino Heating & Air are all you need. Set your appointment with us to know how real experts work.

5 Signs Your Ductwork in OKC Needs Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners do is ignoring their ductwork, especially when it needs repair or replacement. Preventive air duct maintenance in OKC can help keep your cooling system running efficiently and preserve your home’s good indoor air quality. But when should you schedule a duct cleaning service?

Here are the signs your ductwork in OKC needs cleaning:

  1. High Energy Bills

Your duct can be the main culprit when your energy bill suddenly increases for an unidentified reason. It is possible for your duct to leak or get clogged over time, especially when it lacks maintenance or it is old. Contact an air conditioner company in OKC to know whether you need a duct repair or replacement.

  1. Rodent and Insect Infestation

If you notice some evidence that your duct is getting infested by rodents and insects, it is definitely the time for it to be inspected and cleaned. Debris created by this infestation may cause damage to your duct, and consequently reduce your cooling system’s efficiency. It can also cause an unpleasant odor to your breathing space, which could pose a big threat to your health. Before it happens, contact your local contractor for duct inspection and cleaning.

  1. Puff of Dusts

Try turning on your cooling unit and notice the airflow. When you see dust come out of air registers, chances are your duct might already be trapping some debris and dirt inside it. Ducts don’t normally produce dust when the cooling system kicks on. So when you see a cloud of dirty air blowing into your home, schedule your duct cleaning with a reliable air conditioner company in OKC.

  1. Noticeable Mold Growth

Because of the humid climate present in OKC, mold growth can become a big problem in this area. Mold is commonly linked to several health threats such as eye irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation, and more, which can become extremely serious if not addressed early. So if you have a family member that has a lung or immune system problem, make sure to clean your duct to prevent severe health threats.

  1. No Record of Prior Air Duct Cleaning

This is definitely the best indication that you need air duct cleaning service in OKC. If you have an older home and no record of professional air duct service, then schedule your duct inspection and cleaning with the pros today.

Scheduling ductwork cleaning with a reputable A/C company in OKC can save you and your family from potential health risks and your pocket from costly A/C repairs. When you need a service, call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air for fast and reliable duct cleaning services.


Air Balancing: 5 Cool Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots

Air balancing is the process of modifying your HVAC system, ensuring that air is evenly and properly distributed inside your OKC home. It makes sure that all zones have equal and correct amount of air transfer and helps you prevent dramatic swing of temperature indoors.

Experiencing temperature imbalance at home? Here are 5 cool ways to avoid hot and cold spots in your OKC home:

  1. Schedule a Room-by-Room Load Calculation

A load calculation is a process of measuring the amount of air that each room is getting. So if you are positive that your unit fails to meet your comfort demands, schedule a load calculation with your air conditioning company in OKC right away.

  1. Measure the Air Blown by Your Vent

Our HVAC professionals at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning are using a state-of-the-art device to determine the amount of air allowed by your vent into every room. Based on the acquired result, we will then compare it to the load calculation to find out which room needs more air and which one needs less.

  1. Spot the Source of Infiltration

You may never know it, but sometimes, no matter how well-designed your comfort system is, hot and cold spots can still take place. Main culprits for this issue are the gaps and cracks present in your home. To help address and fix the problem, your local HVAC specialist in OKC can help inspect your building envelope and determine where leaks possibly root.

  1. Perform Duct Inspection and Analysis

Your comfort system is new, and your building is well-constructed and no leaks at all. Why are there still hot and cold spots in your home? The problem probably lies in your ductwork! Schedule a duct inspection and analysis with the pros to spot cracks and holes and repair them. Be sure to do this at least once every three years.

  1. Check Your Insulation

Your insulation is the never-seen portion of your home, but it is definitely necessary for OKC’s hot months. So you want to ensure that your insulation is in good working condition. If you suspect that your home insulation is not working well or you don’t have one (especially if you have an old home), contact the pros to know if it has something to do with the temperature imbalance in your space.

Ask Us About Your Cooling Issues in OKC

When you experience temperature imbalance in your OKC home, we are the right experts to talk with. Our team at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning can help address and fix hot and cold spot problems that compromise your comfort and savings. Talk to us today!

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