5 Signs Your Ductwork in OKC Needs Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners do is ignoring their ductwork, especially when it needs repair or replacement. Preventive air duct maintenance in OKC can help keep your cooling system running efficiently and preserve your home’s good indoor air quality. But when should you schedule a duct cleaning service?

Here are the signs your ductwork in OKC needs cleaning:

  1. High Energy Bills

Your duct can be the main culprit when your energy bill suddenly increases for an unidentified reason. It is possible for your duct to leak or get clogged over time, especially when it lacks maintenance or it is old. Contact an air conditioner company in OKC to know whether you need a duct repair or replacement.

  1. Rodent and Insect Infestation

If you notice some evidence that your duct is getting infested by rodents and insects, it is definitely the time for it to be inspected and cleaned. Debris created by this infestation may cause damage to your duct, and consequently reduce your cooling system’s efficiency. It can also cause an unpleasant odor to your breathing space, which could pose a big threat to your health. Before it happens, contact your local contractor for duct inspection and cleaning.

  1. Puff of Dusts

Try turning on your cooling unit and notice the airflow. When you see dust come out of air registers, chances are your duct might already be trapping some debris and dirt inside it. Ducts don’t normally produce dust when the cooling system kicks on. So when you see a cloud of dirty air blowing into your home, schedule your duct cleaning with a reliable air conditioner company in OKC.

  1. Noticeable Mold Growth

Because of the humid climate present in OKC, mold growth can become a big problem in this area. Mold is commonly linked to several health threats such as eye irritation, skin irritation, throat irritation, and more, which can become extremely serious if not addressed early. So if you have a family member that has a lung or immune system problem, make sure to clean your duct to prevent severe health threats.

  1. No Record of Prior Air Duct Cleaning

This is definitely the best indication that you need air duct cleaning service in OKC. If you have an older home and no record of professional air duct service, then schedule your duct inspection and cleaning with the pros today.

Scheduling ductwork cleaning with a reputable A/C company in OKC can save you and your family from potential health risks and your pocket from costly A/C repairs. When you need a service, call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air for fast and reliable duct cleaning services.


Air Balancing: 5 Cool Ways to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots

Air balancing is the process of modifying your HVAC system, ensuring that air is evenly and properly distributed inside your OKC home. It makes sure that all zones have equal and correct amount of air transfer and helps you prevent dramatic swing of temperature indoors.

Experiencing temperature imbalance at home? Here are 5 cool ways to avoid hot and cold spots in your OKC home:

  1. Schedule a Room-by-Room Load Calculation

A load calculation is a process of measuring the amount of air that each room is getting. So if you are positive that your unit fails to meet your comfort demands, schedule a load calculation with your air conditioning company in OKC right away.

  1. Measure the Air Blown by Your Vent

Our HVAC professionals at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning are using a state-of-the-art device to determine the amount of air allowed by your vent into every room. Based on the acquired result, we will then compare it to the load calculation to find out which room needs more air and which one needs less.

  1. Spot the Source of Infiltration

You may never know it, but sometimes, no matter how well-designed your comfort system is, hot and cold spots can still take place. Main culprits for this issue are the gaps and cracks present in your home. To help address and fix the problem, your local HVAC specialist in OKC can help inspect your building envelope and determine where leaks possibly root.

  1. Perform Duct Inspection and Analysis

Your comfort system is new, and your building is well-constructed and no leaks at all. Why are there still hot and cold spots in your home? The problem probably lies in your ductwork! Schedule a duct inspection and analysis with the pros to spot cracks and holes and repair them. Be sure to do this at least once every three years.

  1. Check Your Insulation

Your insulation is the never-seen portion of your home, but it is definitely necessary for OKC’s hot months. So you want to ensure that your insulation is in good working condition. If you suspect that your home insulation is not working well or you don’t have one (especially if you have an old home), contact the pros to know if it has something to do with the temperature imbalance in your space.

Ask Us About Your Cooling Issues in OKC

When you experience temperature imbalance in your OKC home, we are the right experts to talk with. Our team at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning can help address and fix hot and cold spot problems that compromise your comfort and savings. Talk to us today!

Spring Cleaning Tips that Save Energy

It’s springtime once again. Are you ready to pay for high energy cost as the weather gets warmer? Spring signals that unbearable weather is about to set in, and before you know it, your cooling system and other household appliances are already consuming a huge portion of your savings. But don’t fret; our team at Rhino Heating & Air will help you avoid that.

Here are the spring cleaning tips that help you save energy:

Vacuum Your Refrigerator Coils

When was the last time you checked and cleaned the back part of your refrigerator? You should know that dust build-up on your refrigerator coils can also contribute to high energy consumption. Dirty coils can push your fridge to work harder just to keep everything stored inside it cold. So the next time you clean your ref, be sure to dust the dirt off at the back as well.

Replace Your A/C Filters

Dirty A/C filter can also result in skyrocketing energy consumption, and ignoring it can cause huge harm to your savings. A dirty filter blocks proper airflow, which causes your unit to work harder than the normal. By replacing your filters at least once every three months or once a month, you can definitely improve your air quality and ensure your cooling system is not wasting energy.

Clean the Surrounding of Your Outdoor Unit

Debris that sits near your outdoor unit can potentially affect the proper operation of your system and might shorten its lifespan. Remove the dead grasses, limbs, leaves, plastic trash bags, and other objects around it. Cut also the loose twigs and thick bushes that grow close to your unit. All these debris can restrict proper airflow, and if they are moist, they can cause corrosion to metal components of your cooling system.

Spot and Seal the Leaks

Gaps around your doors and windows can unquestionably increase your energy consumption. Cracks and holes found on your ductwork also do the same. For your windows and doors, be sure to seal the gaps using a weather-stripping or caulk sealant, and for your duct, call your local technician for proper cleaning and sealing.

Spring cleaning may seem an overwhelming task, but knowing that you can save energy and money by doing it makes the process a little more fulfilling. If you need assistance for your air conditioning system and other components related to it, you know how to call us. Set your appointment with Rhino Heating & Air today!


FAQ About Spring HVAC Systems Maintenance

There is more to your HVAC system than just heating and cooling your home. You also have to understand that it needs proper maintenance to keep its efficiency and performance over the years. Our team at Rhino Heating & Air will reveal some of the frequently asked questions about spring HVAC maintenance in OKC. Continue reading below.

How Can I Protect My Outdoor Unit?

To protect your outdoor unit this spring, clear out anything that crowds it. Remove shrubs, limbs, and other piles of debris that surround your unit as they can suffocate the system and make it less efficient. Maintain at least 2 to 3 feet clearance and be sure to remove the falling leaves at the top of your unit from time to time.

Should I Schedule an A/C Inspection Even If It’s Working Fine?

Definitely, YES! Your air conditioner has been sitting all winter long. For this reason, you need to have it inspected this spring to ensure it is working in peak performance in warmer months. Potential issues will be addressed, and worn parts will be replaced with an early inspection.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filters?

Air filters in your HVAC system are the ones trapping the dust, irritants, allergens, and other airborne contaminants and preventing them from spreading across your home. Dirty air filters may lose their effectiveness and affect your indoor air quality. That is why it is important to replace your air filter at least once every three months or whenever needed to protect our indoor environment.

Should I Call the Experts Even for Simple HVAC Issues?

You may never know it, but simple issues sometimes indicate bigger problems inside your unit. You will only notice them when they come out over time. Simple poor airflow, for instance, can be a sign that you have a refrigerant leak and your unit is freezing up. Your technician may help decide whether your refrigerant needs a repair or replacement.

How Can I Save on HVAC Cost?

You can reduce the energy bill by installing a programmable thermostat. The device helps adjust your indoor temperature through the day and night, depending on your schedule or daily routine. Also, make sure to schedule regular maintenance to ensure your unit is working in peak performance and efficiency.

Spring brings a fresh, warmer environment for you and your family. The season, however, could be a big threat for your HVAC system if you keep ignoring proper maintenance. Enjoy added peace of mind by signing up for preventive HVAC maintenance agreement this spring with Rhino Heating & Air. Contact us to get started!

Messing With the Thermostat Could Do More Harm than Good

You might be doing something on your thermostat that you think is right. Without proper guidance and recommendation from the experts, you may end up stressing your comfort system and paying big energy bills each month.

Read this post to know some of the things you do with your thermostat that could do more harm than good.

Turning Off the Thermostat Completely

Turning off your thermostat completely is something you should stop doing when you leave home. Take advantage of the setback feature of programmable thermostats that lets you schedule the heating or cooling level when you leave home. This might take some experimenting with your heating or cooling preference but anywhere from 10 to 16 degrees adjustment on the normal temperature can be a good start.

Changing Your Indoor Temperature Frequently

It can be tempting to turn down the heat when you leave home and turn it up again when you get back. The truth is it actually wastes you a lot of energy and money. One of the best solutions we recommend is using a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature throughout your home efficiently. Keep it at standard heating or cooling to feel comfortable and pay less on your monthly bill.

Setting Your Thermostat in the Wrong Temperature

Whatever the season, a wrong temperature setting on your thermostat can make the air in your home stuffy and uncomfortable. Not only you can experience discomfort, but your energy bill also rises tremendously. The optimal and efficient setting you should follow is 65 to 70 degrees for heating and 78 degrees for cooling.

Setting Your Temperature Too High or Too Low

Setting your temperature too high or too low does take a significant amount of energy when it constantly runs. The energy it consumes is much higher than the energy needed when your unit kicks in. It can even lead to strain on the unit, which can result to high energy bill and reduced lifespan.

Not Adding or Removing an Extra Layer of Clothes

This might seem like a real “no-brainer,” but this is a good reminder. The energy you wasted and the high bill you paid each month can be pretty incredible. But you can actually make yourself comfortable without paying this high. You can add an extra layer of clothes during winter or wear a comfortable shirt during summer.

Your thermostat may seem like a simple device, but do not mess with it, or you else will pay the price: a high energy bill. If there is something you need to understand about your thermostat, do not hesitate to call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air. Contact us today!

Zoning: Why It Matters For Commercial Property?

A zoning system is relatively common in residential buildings in OKC. It is used to control the heating and cooling temperature in each designated zone and is typically essential for homes with occupants that have differing indoor comfort needs.

Do you know that you can also use this for your commercial building and experience the same benefits? Yes, you read it right! Here’s why commercial zoning matters:

  • Provides Consistent Indoor Temperature

Your building might have sections that are harder to cool or heat than others. With a zoning system, you can maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your space while preventing hot and cold spots.

  • Enhances Customer Service

For any commercial building, it is essential to have a comfortable environment. A zoning system can offer your tenants the option to adjust the temperature to meet their varying comfort demands. With this solution, they do not need to depend on one thermostat to control the overall temperature in the area or settle on the same indoor temperature that does not meet their varying comfort needs.

  • Reduces Energy Consumption

Commercial buildings typically consume a large amount of energy, but there is an effective way to cut it down: a zoning system. It lets you shut off the heating and cooling usage in unused zones of your building. Meanwhile, occupants who only require less amount of heating or cooling comfort can seamlessly reduce the energy consumption through zoning.

  • Lowers Utility Costs

With reduced energy consumption, you can definitely lower your monthly utility costs. It helps you cut the heating and cooling usage in unoccupied zones, so you will not pay for the energy you did not use. Also, the temperature in zoned spaces is controlled so you won’t provide the same level of temperature throughout the building.

  • Extends Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Because a zoning system helps reduce the overall demands on your heating and cooling equipment, you can expect an extended lifespan for it. Reduced strain on your HVAC system means fewer service calls.

Need Commercial Zoning System and Installation in OKC?

A zoning system in your commercial building is essential if you have multiple tenants with varying comfort requirements. Not only does it improve rental satisfaction, but it also helps you save money on your monthly bills while increasing the longevity of your unit.

At Rhino Heating & Air, we have high-quality zoning systems that fit your building. We also offer professional commercial zoning system installation so you can immediately enjoy an enhanced comfort in your space. Call us to get started.

The Benefits of Installing a Hybrid Heating System

Homeowners who look for cost-effective alternatives for heating sources have growing interests in using a hybrid heating system. It is a dual fuel system that lets consumers choose between installing a heat pump or gas furnace. Its heat pump is electric-powered while the furnace uses propane or natural gas to operate. Okay, let us see how this unit works for your comfort and savings.

Here are the benefits of installing a hybrid heating system:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

A great sense of relief offered by your unit comes with a price: environmental chaos. This particularly happens if your heating system uses a significant amount of natural resources to make your home comfortable. For this reason, you need a system that only consumes less energy. Lower energy consumption means lower carbon footprint, and there is where hybrid systems are beneficial.

  • Boosted Comfort All-Year Round

Hybrid systems are not only helpful during winter; they can also be used as the standard central A/C to cool down your home during summer. When the hot season starts, reverse the heat pumps’ operation to allow the cool air to crawl throughout your home. This means you and your family can enjoy the benefit of affordable heating and cooling inside your home all year round.

  • Enhanced Heating Efficiency

Hybrid systems take the outside air, absorb it through the heater, and use it to create thermal energy to warm your home. This home heating process is known to be more efficient than other popular methods. Hybrid units are 300% more efficient compared to electric furnaces when operating at peak condition.

  • Improved Savings

Installing a hybrid heating system may cost a lot higher than installing a boiler or furnace unit. But it can help you save money in the long run since it uses less power than other units. With a hybrid system, you may end up paying nearly one-third of the cost you spend on your monthly bills using other heating equipment. This is like getting $3 worth of heat for every $1 you pay. You can also boost savings by having both heating and cooling capabilities in a single unit.

High-Quality Hybrid System and Professional Installation in OKC

While there are many types of heating systems in the market today, it is crucial to pick the one that works best for your comfort and savings. Consider using a hybrid system that helps reduce your carbon footprint, boost your comfort throughout the year, enhance heating efficiency, and improve your savings.

Call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning if you are looking for a high-quality unit and professional installation in OKC and surrounding areas.

Hiring HVAC Specialists: Questions For Heating & AC Contractors

When searching for an HVAC company, many homeowners focus on service inclusions and costs without considering some important questions that gauge the reliability of the company. Here are the common questions our professionals at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning have encountered, along with the answers:

  1. Are you insured and bonded?

Yes, we are insured and bonded. Knowing that your prospective contractor is insured and bonded gives you the peace of mind and protects you and your equipment against lawsuits and loss. When hiring an HVAC specialist, be sure they are certified and licensed.

  1. Do you provide free consultation?

Definitely! Our sales team is more than ready to offer dependable and expert consultation at zero cost. A free consultation is important if you want to know how much the service would cost or if you need expert recommendations from people who know HVAC systems best.

  1. How long has your company been in business?

We’ve been in this business for over a decade. Within this period, we have striven to offer what’s best for our customers across OKC. Experience and excellence take time, and we are continuously at it. The years of expertise in the business give you an idea of what level of service you should expect from the company.

  1. Do you offer financing?

Rhino provides financing options through GreenSky. Our financing offers enable you to invest in new and modern HVAC systems if you have a limited budget. We have different kinds of plans available to fit your financing needs. Feel free to call our team to know how you can qualify on financing plans.

  1. Do you offer tax credits and rebates?

We want you to save some cash on a new HVAC installation. Depending on the model you choose, we offer rebates and tax credits to reduce the cost you spend for your comfort system. We can even handle, complete, and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

  1. Do you provide maintenance on the equipment you installed?

We have an annual service agreement offered to our customers. This is a maintenance program that saves our customers from suffering untimely and expensive breakdowns. Additionally, it keeps their units working properly so they can save cash on utility bills. And whether we install the system or not, we maintain it.

Nobody wants to work with an HVAC contractor that always fails to meet the demands of customers. Here at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning, our customers are our top priority. Whatever you need, we are here to offer dependable HVAC services at reasonable cost. If you want to see how true professionals work, contact us.

Trends in HVAC: 3 Areas Driving Advancements in Technology

In today’s fast-paced technological industry, it is important that HVAC manufacturers stay ahead of the curve and win the taste of many consumers. That is why more and more product makers are constantly searching for ways to help end-users reduce their operating costs, increase their equipment’s efficiency, and improve the quality of life.

Principia, the leading research and consulting firm for building materials and construction industry monitors the advancement in HVAC technology that centers on 3 areas of interest including:

  1. Smart Thermostat and Technology

If you could still recall, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, and Google Home were developed as new technology over the last twenty years. These temperature-controlling devices helped consumers check and adjust their thermostats using their smartphones or tablets.

These technological transformations are driving new demands outside the HVAC markets. Now, consumers can control their temperature remotely using smart devices. Also, they are upgradable to become compatible with today’s new home’s system and equipped with notification features to prompt homeowners about the system’s activity.

  1. Air Purification

Consumers do not only seek for convenience when using comfort devices; they also search for long-term quality and safety. When it comes to air purification, quality and safety are the top priority. NASA, for example, discovered ways to improve air purification and the organization currently works to bring this innovation to residential and commercial consumers in the HVAC industry. This technology has four key uses, including cleaning the air, reducing allergens, eliminating VOCs, and protecting families.

  1. System Integration

System integration is important to help consumers locate and access their devices and equipment in a centralized location; not in different gadgets and apps. HVAC manufacturers like Bryant have developed products that help users control HVAC, security, power, lighting, and electrical systems in a single location.

To meet the growing comfort demands and lifestyle of many consumers, these trends in the HVAC industry will constantly be driven by technological advancements. By integrating quality and convenience, manufacturers can achieve game-changing solutions in the industry. Of course, it is the HVAC contractors’ responsibility to stay in the know about these latest trends and technologies, so they can provide information and proper solution to homeowners.

As your reliable HVAC company in OKC, our team at Rhino Heating & Air makes sure to keep ourselves updated about current developments in the HVAC industry. Should you need more information or services, feel free to contact us today.

General Heating System Maintenance Tips for Winter

The deep freeze is officially here in OKC. Is your heating system working properly and still as efficient as it was last year? If NO, then maybe there is something you missed doing with your unit. Our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning bring together these smart tips to guide you towards effective heating system maintenance this winter.

Thing You Can Do Yourself

  1. Replace your air filter regularly. Check, clean and change your air filter at least once every three months or as needed to avoid damaging the internal components of the unit, increasing your monthly energy cost, and experiencing poor indoor air quality.
  2. Clean your heat exchanger. To maintain the right heating level, clean your heat exchanger and remove the corrosion, dirt, and soot from your system.
  3. Check for obstructions. To help your unit work properly, make sure that your air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators are not blocked. This can help the air to flow freely and circulate around your home.
  4. Check your thermostat. If the heat fails to kick in, do not fret. Try checking your thermostat, instead. Do a thermostat test to see if it is really the root of the problem. Set it to 80 degrees only for testing purposes and if there’s still no heat, it is time to call the experts.
  5. Check your ductwork. Check your ducts and pipes to make sure they are sealed properly.

Things You Should Leave to the Professionals

  1. Examine Electrical Connections. This job includes examining the electrical terminals, tightening connections, and applying a non-conductive
  2. Inspect the Vital Components of the System. Fire may occur and your unit might run inefficiently if its vital parts are damaged. To avoid this, your technician ensures all oil or gas connections, burner combustion, heat exchangers, and gas pressure are working properly.
  3. Give Motors Proper Lubrication. Friction can occur if your unit’s components lack lubrication. It can also increase the amount of energy you used every month and damage the parts of your unit.
  4. Remove Blockages. Professionals can do a complete inspection of your filters, ducts, indoor coils, and blowers for dirt and other obstructions.
  5. Do Necessary Repair and Replacement. If there are parts needed to be repaired or replaced, no one else could do the job better than professionals. They have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to get the job done on time.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your heating system works efficiently and properly throughout the winter months. If you need a professional diagnosis for your heating system, call our experts at Rhino Heating & Air Conditioning.