5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

March 19, 2018

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Home Smells Bad
Are you bothered by the stinky smell in your home? Who isn’t? The reality is, your HVAC units are the culprit for this circumstance most of the time. Here are 5 possible reasons why you are having bad smells in your indoor air.
  1. Failure To Change Air Filters
Air filters should be replaced or cleaned regularly. Depending on the type and design, you may need to do it once every 1-3 months. However, with so many things that keep homeowners busy, they tend to ignore this important maintenance task. Dirty air filters cause different HVAC and indoor air quality problems including bad odors. If not given urgent attention, it can lead to mold and mildew buildup which leads to a very discomforting smell inside your home.
  1. Lack Of Maintenance
Lack of proper tune-up and maintenance can lead to shorter lifespan of your HVAC units. If not a system breakdown, what you are mostly likely to face is tremendously discomforting smells of your indoor air. This is mostly caused by the accumulation of dirt, dust, and sometimes dead animals trapped inside the system. Never forget to schedule maintenance services to keep your unit in shipshape.
  1. Dirty HVAC System
When your heating and cooling unit lacks proper cleaning, it is prone to the so-called “Dirty Socks Syndrome”. All the dirt and dust stuck inside the unit for a long period of time can develop into bad odor. This is then pumped out of your home when your air conditioning unit or furnace operates. HVAC systems need to be checked regularly to ensure that only clean and breathable air comes out of your vents.
  1. Dirty Air Ducts
Aside from dirt, moisture can also find its way to your system’s air duct. This becomes a perfect place for molds and mildew to grow in large populations. The result, your house can become musty and more risky for allergy-sufferers. Do not wait until a member of your family experiences breathing difficulty before considering a professional duct cleaning. This check-up can improve your safety and comfort big time.
  1. Electric And Gas Problems
Sometimes, bad odors are caused by faulty electrical wrings and leaking natural gas. Be sure to examine electrical wrings to prevent accidents and issues with your system’s motor. If your gas is leaking, do not delay system repair to prevent the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Whatever it is that is causing your indoor air to smell bad, the experts at Rhino heating and Air Conditioning know just what to do. Call us now to set up your maintenance or check for needed HVAC repairs.