5 Common AC Problems That Call For Professional Repair in Moore, OK

Prevent Costly Repairs With These HVAC Maintenance Tips

Is your AC unit letting you down during the hottest days of summer? There’s something wrong with your unit! To ensure that your unit is working properly, you should give it a visual check regularly. Here are 5 common problems that call for air conditioning service and repair in Moore, OK.

         1.  Noisy Operation

A loud noise created by your air conditioner can distract you and the other people around. The problem could be the displaced fan belt inside the unit. While it may not be a serious problem, it’s always a good idea to call for a professional conditioning service and repair. A certified tech in Moore, OK can do a safe and efficient job to resolve the problem.

         2.  Your Unit Is No Longer Releasing Cold Air

Is the air that comes out of your air conditioner no longer enough to keep your comfortable? It is likely that there’s something going wrong inside your unit. Checking your system helps you detect the problem. Call a trusted HVAC contractor in Moore to check the parts and identify the main issue.

         3.  Ice Formation inside Your Unit

Proper maintenance of your AC is necessary because it can contribute to the formation of ice inside the unit. You need to pay attention to the unit’s filter to avoid dirt and blockage. This problem can be easily resolved by a certified HVAC technician.

        4.   Refrigerant Leakage

A leaking refrigerant may also affect your AC. It may be dangerous to purchase a refrigerant that is not compatible to your air conditioner. Your local HVAC contractor can check your AC system and recommend the best solution for the problem. A leaking refrigerant can cause harm to the environment, so it must not be taken for granted.

         5.   Bad Smell

Bad smell from your AC is possibly caused by the whiff outside which is carried through the unit. It may also be caused by dead animals that are hidden somewhere else. The blocked dirt can also contribute to the growth of fungi. To address bad smell issue of your air conditioning unit, it’s always best to hire a professional HVAC technician.

Even simple problems of your air conditioning unit should not be taken for granted. Ignoring the failing performance your AC unit can lead to irreversible regression later. If you notice that there’s something wrong with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to call a local HVAC contractor in Moore, OK.

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