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July 10, 2017

5 Common AC Condenser Problems

5 Common AC Condenser Problems
Ideally, an AC condenser repair includes changing or repairing one or more parts of the unit. While some minor condenser issues can be fixed the DIY way, other problems call for a professional HVAC specialist. Here are 5 common problems that your AC condenser may encounter.
  1. Leaks
Condenser failure can be caused by leaks within seals and faulty tubes. The tubes can get pinched or may suffer from wear and break especially after extensive usage. Tap a professional contractor to resolve leak issues.
  1. Blockage
Over time, your AC unit can get blocked by debris and other unwanted particles, which can lead to condenser failure. While some of these particle could be external, it’s oftentimes due to metal particles that punctured the condenser itself. Proper maintenance can help homeowners prevent this problem.
  1. Dirty Component
Since most residential air conditioner components are mounted outdoor, it’s not surprising for the condenser or other parts to get dirty. The outdoor components attract dirt and debris, while brush, grass, and other vegetation matter grow around the system preventing it to work properly. Be sure to check the outdoor component and make sure it’s clean.
  1. Faulty Run Capacitor
The job of the AC condenser’s run capacitors is to provide energy for the fan motors to operate. If the run capacitor is in bad shape, don’t be surprised if it won’t start the motor.  If you think that your run capacitors have gone bad, call your local HVAC technician for proper diagnosis and repair.
  1. Damaged Coil
One of the worst AC condenser problems you may encounter is having a damaged coil. This could be due to several reasons such as corrosion, impact and debris. Damage coil has to be addressed by a professional HVAC specialist. These are just 5 of the common problems your AC condenser may experience. Spare yourself from the headache caused by these problems by calling a trusted HVAC professional.