Rhinos Mobile App

Apps are becoming an increasingly popular way for customers to learn about a company they may want to use, find out basic information about them and obtain contact information on how to reach them. Rhino heating and air has a brand new app designed by B Online Marketing Solutions. This app was designed to go. [Read more…]

HVAC Maintenance – The key to Reliability and Longevity

Why spend money on HVAC maintenance? This is a common question many consumers ask. It is understandable to not want to spend money on preventative maintenance and pay only when there is an actual problem. However, a little money spent to improve the reliability of your HVAC system, may save you from being presented with. [Read more…]

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Here are some tips on choosing a reliable HVAC contractor. First of all, no HVAC system or problem is identical. If you call an HVAC company and they insist on giving you an estimate via the telephone, this is a red flag. Unless it is a contractor you have worked with before and have an. [Read more…]

HVAC Cleaning Tips

Most households carry out some type of spring cleaning. A good vacuuming and dusting around the house will help get rid of dust particles that will eventually rotate through your HVAC system. However, the actual HVAC itself can get overlooked during the spring cleaning process. Take a look at your system and make sure it. [Read more…]

Improving Indoor Air Quality

We tend to spend more time indoors than we do outdoors. Subsequently, it is important to make sure the air we are breathing is as clean as possible and free of pollutants. Modern society is guilty of not airing out our houses and businesses as we used to. We are more inclined to run our. [Read more…]